Jamie Smart – Getting Clients Congruently
Client-Attraction Mind-Virus #1: Silver-bullet Syndrome & Tactic-itis.Everywhere you look, there are people offering “Silver-bullets” to help people get rich quick, grow their businesses & get clients fast.

Because people CRAVE tactics. We live in a quick-fix society, & we’ve come to expect a “pill” that will solve our problems & give us what we want. And we want it NOW!
But there are a couple of problems with this, ESPECIALLY when it comes to heart-centred businesses. You see, if you’re a coach, a trainer or a consultant (or if you aspire to be one)…
YOU are your product.
If you’re in the hamburger business, then you can buy an off-the-shelf turnkey system that you can use to generate money in exchange for hard work.
But if you want to make a great living doing what you love, your approach needs to fit your product…

The reality is, tactics are ten-a-penny. There are books, videos & workshops FULL of tactics. Chances are you’ve got notebooks full of tactics that you’ve written down from other programmes. In fact…
If tactics were the answer, you’d probably already HAVE a full, high-paying client-load & a steady stream of passive income.
Client-Getting Mind-Virus #2: Spraying Yourself with “Client Repellant”
There’s a saying in Hollywood – “Desperation stinks!” Desperation & neediness are the most UN-attractive qualities there are when it comes to getting clients. Human beings have a “neediness detector” – everyone can smell it.
Neediness is the equivalent of spraying yourself with client repellent. Here are some examples of the kind of insecure, outside-in thinking that results in neediness:

I need this client in order to pay my mortgage this month
If I don’t get this client, my business will fail
I’ll feel a sense of security once I’ve got a full client-list
I’ll feel validated in my work if I get a good result with this client
I need this person’s approval otherwise they won’t want to be my client

Neediness makes the process of Client-Getting feel creepy & uncomfortable for everyone involved.
And neediness is a symptom of the Invisible Factor.
Client-Getting Mind-Virus #3: Wearing “The Cloak of Invisibility”
You could be the best coach, trainer, film-maker or writer in the world, but if no-one is aware of you, it’s going to be tough to attract clients. Many people who start their own businesses fail to get clients because they’re effectively INVISIBLE. And why are they wearing a “cloak of invisibility”?

Because they’re afraid of being CRITICISED!
But here’s the thing: if you’re successful, you’ll be criticised. In fact, the more successful you are, the MORE you’ll be criticised!
Fear of criticism keeps people invisible, & stops them from giving their gifts to the world.
And you guessed it – fear of criticism is a symptom of the Invisible Factor.

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