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A special webinar training session on escalation and female investment. After that James has a Q & A session, where he answers questions of the people.
Here’s what you’ll learn about sexual escalation:
The 3 types of touch that make the difference between the creepy sleaze at the bar who doesn’t know when to stop, and the bold seducer that sweeps her in the moment and leads it all the way to the bedroom.
The big myth about just “being physical” and why just touching her won’t lead to the bedroom
How to physically lead a woman in a relaxed, arousing manner that builds comfort and sexual tension at the same time.
The number 1 mistake guys make when they’re escalating on a woman that causes her to resist your moves, and the principle that removes her resistance to your touch.
The James Marshall Jedi Handshake that turns an ordinary handshake into a relaxing, sensual touch that sets a seductive tone for an interaction.Here’s what you’ll learn about female investment:
My simple QCQ framework for qualifying a girl and having her invest in you that flips the dynamic of conversation to her doing the work to prove herself to you
Why you must qualify a woman (especially hot women) in order for a seduction to take place
Seductive Economy 101: how to get a girl to be the one doing things for you and investing time and energy into seducing you.
Why being tough on a girl sparks attraction and interest and why being nice, friendly and expecting nothing in return causes her stress, frustration and boredom.
How to turn awkward silences in conversation into electrifying sexual tension with the principle of Pressure and Release
He also gives recommendation of reading some specific books.

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