Jack Daly – Sales U (all tracks)
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The Jack Daly’s Sales U curriculum was designed to provide Entrepreneurs & CEOs, sales managers, and sales professionals the tools, knowledge, and application to successfully sell in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. Jack Daly pulls back the curtain and leaves no stone unturned. When you complete the curriculum, you will have the tools and knowledge to grow the sales of your business, grow the sales organization of your business in quantity and quality, and effectively build a culture that attracts A-players.

Jack Daly’s Sales U SALES track includes:
Course 1 – Sales RX: Sales Systems & Process Checklist
Course 2 – How to Sell More Effectively to More People
Course 3 – How to Win the Mental Game
Course 4 – Beating Call Reluctance: Getting Through the Gatekeeper
Course 5 – Why Should I Do Business With Your Company?
Course 6 – Sales Bonus Material

Jack Daly’s Sales U SALES MANAGEMENT track includes:
Course 1 – Lessons I’ve Learned as an Entrepreneur (and Sales Manager)
Course 2 – Sales Management Essentials – The Sales Manager’s Checklist
Course 3 – Recruiting Top Sales Performers
Course 4 – High Payoff Sales Meetings That are Worth Attending

Jack Daly’s Sales U CULTURE track includes:
Course 1 – A Winning Culture By Design
Course 2 – Compensation, Recognition, and Rewards for Sales People
Course 3 – High Profit Sales Contests

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