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Powerfully Blast To Your Next Level of Success
By SUPERCHARGING Your Motivating Beliefs
and VAPORIZING Unconscious Bad Beliefs–
In 60 Seconds… GUARANTEED
Supercharge Any POSITIVE BELIEF You Choose with Blazing, Action-Compelling Power–
or Free Yourself  From Any Soul-Crippling Negative Belief… in 60 Seconds Flat!


Every Day, Your Unconscious Beliefs
Supercharge Your Chances–
Or Cut Them Off At The Knees

Have good unconscious beliefs– beliefs that keep you feeling good about giving yourself every opportunity to experience what you want– and in your veins, you’ve got quicksilver and rocket-fuel.
But if you have Bad Unconscious Beliefs– the ones that limit your choices, restrict your actions, pull you down and hold you back– it’s like your own heart is pumping poison into your dreams.
And the beliefs that shape our lives the most… are often the unconscious ones.
The ones we don’t even know we have… but that influence our choices every day.
Think about your potential– versus your right-this-moment reality.
Have you missed out on opportunities? Sabotaged successes? Gotten angry and frustrated at something you do… and then find yourself doing it again?
Then– if you’re being honest with yourself–
you know exactly what I’m talking about. You know how much it hurts. You know what’s at stake, in your future– for you, personally.
And you know how important fixing this problem is, before things get any worse.
Your Story, and Why You’re Here
You’re reading this, because you want to make your life better.
But it’s not like you haven’t already tried.
You’ve tried lots of things.
Affirmations. Meditation. Visualization.
You’ve read books, articles.
Given thought (perhaps money!) to working with coaches, or counselors– maybe shrinks, even shamans. (And if you’ve already gone out and tried this– you know that such pricey work still only gets dicey results!)

You’ve listened to recordings, imagined rays of light, swallowed supplements, worked on yourself in all sorts of different ways.
The Things You Know Haven’t
Gotten You The Things You Want
Here’s the truth.

If the tools you already have were good enough– were effective enough, and convenient enough, and were genuinely, in daily life, enabling you to consistently make the strides you want… you wouldn’t be on this page, reading this sentence, wondering what you’re about to discover.
So– a moment from now– you’re going to have to come to grips with something that for you will hit in a way that’s very, very real.
Because, if your body-brain’s core was blazing with the propulsive energies of this revolutionary tool you just might get…
If you were feeling its power, in your possession, right now–
so you become one of the people who can now just use it, at a moment’s notice…
See, maybe you wouldn’t be putting real effort into making things more fun with your partner,  or dusting off your old college-era painting supplies, or getting back into really good shape, or refining that business plan.
I don’t know, in detail, how you’d be spending your time.
What I do know is that if you already had the tool that someone reading this page right now has the courage to get…
You would not now be wondering if rewiring the workings of your nervous system in 60 seconds is a possibility.
You would know that it is.
The power to do this would be as much a part of you, as real, as your own jaw, your elbows, your fingers.
As real as your phone or your computer. As obtainable in the real world as a mug of coffee, a shot of tequila, a bottle of water, or a cup of earl grey.
And you would know– for a fact– that your future really is in your own hands.

“OK, Now That I Know More
About What This System is NOT…
Why Don’t You Tell Me What It Is?”

It’s a snap-your-fingers simple 60-second method for sending a lightning-strike of pure conviction and laser-focused vitality into every layer of your nervous system.
It doesn’t settle for making you “feel more relaxed”–
But instead pushes you into activated, catalyzed, immediate, internally aligned life-changing action!
And on some level, you already know why this matters–
Because, since you’re still reading, you’re someone who already knows that what you believe determines what you perceive. And what you perceive determines your sense of your options.
If someone encounters a great opportunity, and from lack of self-belief–
holds back and is too afraid to take action– that person loses out!
And then is likely to wind up trying to get by with even less courage– haunted by the memory of having missed something great!
See, your perception of your options guides your actions… so your beliefs ultimately shape your life!
You’ve probably heard what seems by now like a hundred times  that your beliefs shape your life–
But now, unlike what you’ve experienced before–
You finally have a tool for deeply and profoundly and radically re-shaping your own beliefs…
In 60 seconds or less!

Your Life is Shaped By Your Conscious and Unconscious Beliefs– You Know This!

Now You Can Uproot Any Life-Limiting Belief
Like A Dead Weed, And Make Any Good Belief Surge Through Your Spine
And Speed-Brighten Your Back-Brain
With A Neurochemical Flash-Flood
How many times has a Bad Belief messed up something important for you?

What would you do– what would you pay– what would you give up… to get that back?
To never have to experience that pain or frustration or shame again
How much are your current unconscious beliefs already costing you?
You don’t have to keep paying that price of pain and frustration– you can stop it.
Break the chain.
All you have to do is invest in yourself, and outflank the problem.
Get what you need, so you can regain control of your time, and your life, and your happiness… so you can turn what you want into what you can get, and then take action… so you can leap into your self-chosen future, and see that you have turned what you can get, into what you have.

Investing Yourself is Smart–
Do It Now, and You’ll Prove to Yourself
That You Can Retake Control of Your Future,
In 60 Seconds
Seriously– since you managed to get to this page, and you’ve got an option few people have– the most valuable thing you can do right now is to get IBB and friggin’ experience just how powerful it is. How immediate. How liberated and sharpened and streamlined you will feel. How you will lock-in on what you want and go for it.
If you were to straight-up ask me if you should bite the bullet and buy this, I’d say this–
Unless your cupboard is bare and you can’t pay the rent, you absolutely should– and get it right now.

Here’s why:
Your time is the most valuable thing you’ve got.
Hell, Bill Gates can pile up all the money he wants… but he can’t buy more time. (Steve Jobs had plenty of money– and he didn’t get much time.)
And if you are not using your time properly– this is something you have to take action to fix.
If you really want your life to be more satisfying, you’ve gotta let yourself feel the burning need for change.

The Burning Desire for Change
Is Part Of Actively Deciding And Believing
That You Can Create More And Better–

So Don’t Throw Out Your Own Desires…
Just Get What You Need To Take Action Now!
Really want the life you tell yourself you do?
Then you’ve got to decide on it. Decide on taking control. Starting now.
And Instant Belief Blaster will give you control over your time. With just a decision, and 60 seconds of action.
Think about it. If you lose an hour in uncertainty, or listlessness, discouragement, or low productivity… you ain’t getting it back.
If you were to use that same hour to get things you care about done, while feeling charged-up– focused– and internally inspired… and then you decided to do that again, the next hour… and again, the hour after that… how much more success would this bring you?
How much more money would wielding IBB start to make for you?
How much further ahead would this put you– in the office, in the warehouse, in the laboratory?
And how good would it feel to laugh like someone on top of the world…
because you know you’ve got time and energy now– finally– working on your side…
as you dig in to feasting on this real control and power you are now wielding over your life?
With this kind of genuine self-mastery, what new possibilities would you start to give yourself?
Because, in a little while from now, when your impressed friends start to quietly ask you–
“How did things get so much better for you, so quickly?” you’ll grin… and tell them this:
It began with a decision– your decision– to take action, and to change. You got serious, you got the tool you were missing, and then you did what you needed to do.
Here’s the guts of what you’ll say: “I looked at the situation– saw how things were going– got honest– and knew things had to change. Knew I wanted more. Knew I wanted better. So I got serious, got the right tool, and did what I needed to do.”

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