IMSUMMERCAMP 2016 – Industry Secrets Keynotes
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You Just Pay: $47
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The imsummercamp is split into 3 part.
The first part will be 2 days conference where each speakers will share with you valuable insights about the business. The second part hosted by James Brown from the Netpreneur Summit will be a workshop where selected speakers will unveil some strategies and blueprints that you’ll be able to apply.
The 3rd part and last day of the event will be the mastermind/hot seats where will you will be the center to focus so we can help you identify opportunity in your business and give you some actionable to bring you to the next level.

The Night before: Get your Pregame on!
We’ll hold a meetup for all participants who arrive to the venue early. It’ll be casual, fun, and a great chance to meet everyone.
This will be a great chance for you to get a leg up on who you’d like to learn more about, and what connections-of-connections can be made.
Plus – if you’re at all addicted to talking about business and marketing, like we are, this meetup has no time limit; it’s not formal like that.
It’s about fun + business at the exact same time, which is why no one wants our meetups to end.

Did you know you have one of the greatest selling tools that you will ever have, right inside you?
You already know it by heart, you already have it at your fingertips.
And when used effectively, this secret weapon will get you the type of results you want — all of them.
That weapon is your own personal story.
Whether you’re representing yourself, a brand, or a team, you’re likely not leveraging the full power of your story to build a connection and a community.
And it’s with connection and community that sales are made, brands are established, and success flourishes.
That’s why Benjamin will show you how to tell your own unique story, in your own words, with confidence — because you’ll see exactly how to communicate your story to achieve whatever ends you want.

Chris will explain how he dramatically increased his revenues
by going from multi-niche to solo niche store.
Giving him branding and empire building lessons that even 10+ years of Internet Marketing haven’t exposed to him.
His insights will help you see all of the unique opportunities at your fingertips to carve out more market share, sell at a higher rate, make more money at every transaction, and so on.

How to Conduct Advanced Metrics Based Selling
eCommers world wide watch and study Don Wilson – who, all in a years time, exploded the world with t-shirts + facebook advertising, and then became the CEO & Founder of Gearbubble.
It takes pure scaling skills to do this…
And for the first time ever… Don is going to reveal his systematic approach to scaling up campaigns, scaling up businesses, and scaling up your empire.
This will enable you to scale with CERTAINTY – translating ad spend directly into profit.
In turn, you’ll be able to expand into more offerings, more verticals, and grow your empire with predictable success.
Don will show you how to stop guessing at what works, and instead KNOW what is going to work with mathematical certainty.
Business becomes a whole new ball game when you operate this way – and we can’t wait for you to absorb this stuff.

All 3- and 4- day participants will get to experience the rush of a high level mastermind.
Why do pro marketers invest $10,000+ or more on a single mastermind with a silly grin on their faces?
Because the dedicated insights…
The opportunity to listen to elite marketers dissect your business…
Find cash pools of opportunity that you’re missing out on…
Sharing ways for you to streamline and grow faster…
All of that, combined and working for you, means absolutely incredible things for your business.
If you’ve never been part of such a live mastermind — I don’t just guarantee, I personally promise you, that it will be a turning point in your business life.

Imagine having ALL of the Shark Tank Sharks telling you step by step what to do in your business.
All day 4 participants are going to have exactly that – but with even MORE care and dedication to your business.
These hot seat sessions will work just like this:
Every single attendee will be put in the hot seat, where you’ll share the exact sticking points in your business… no matter how big or small they are.
Then, all of the brilliant minds in the room will each take a turn sharing their insight and guidance on how to overcome this sticking point.
So, what’s holding you back? Is it staffing? Feeling overwhelmed? Not knowing where to go next? Get ready for REAL, CUSTOMIZED solutions to your exact problems…
Because we are straight up OBSESSED with getting you to blow through your barriers and catapult you  to the next level.
And we’re going to give you every single shred of attention, of powerful guidance, and of actionable insight so that you TRULY GET THERE.

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