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Athens is the most famous city in Greece.
The first settlement of Athens was established on the rock of Acropolis circa 3,000 B.C. That means this famous city is more than 5,400 years old. It is considered by historians as the birthplace of modern theatre, sculpture, art, philosophy and democracy. And…
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Here’s the story:
One of the most famous people in history made Athens his home. He is perhaps best known as being instrumental in the development of Western philosophy.
His name was Socrates and he lived circa 469 B.C. to 399 B.C. He is credited with making major contributions to almost every facet of modern day life.
More importantly (to those of us interested in getting compliance from others), he pioneered the concept known as the Socratic Method.
Basically, the Socratic Method is a process of inquiry. Asking the right questions to elicit responses that lead someone to agree with you.
The way Socrates applied this concept was first described in Plato’s (he was an apprentice under Socrates) Socratic Dialogues. The influence of this approach has endured for over 2,400 years.
The Socratic Method is used as the basis of the scientific method.
It is a mainstay in modern science, law, ethics and politics.
How well does this process work at getting people to agree with your point of view? I’m glad you asked. And, as they say, the answer is simple. In Gorgias (one of the Socratic Dialogues) Plato describes a shocking scene.
Socrates is speaking with and questioning his friends.
And within a short time he gets them to agree that a criminal who is caught, punished and jailed is happier than one who gets away with a crime. Which, of course, sounds outrageous! But the mesmerizing power behind Socrates’ strategic questions leads people to believe almost anything.
However, despite the effectiveness of this method, it works even better as part of what I call…

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