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The slowest way to grow your business is to do it alone. The fastest way to grow your business is with help. There are 3 kinds of help that you can use to grow your business.
The first kind of help is “employees”. They’re great to have because they can actually help you get things done in your business (especially stuff we’re not so good at).
They are very valuable, but they usually don’t cost a tremendous amount: Maybe $12-$45/hour. Still if your business isn’t making a lot of money yet, hiring someone is a tough pill to swallow.
The second kind of help is getting advice, training, or coaching from someone that can help you shorten the learning curve. The right advice can mean the difference between boom or bust. This is one of the smartest, most lucrative investments you can ever make.
Even now, after having made millions of dollars, when I look at all of my money and try to figure out the best ways to re-invest it to make the biggest returns, I can’t find anything that pays higher dividends than training and coaching programs. I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into my business and I plan to continue to do so.

As great as this is, it’s nothing compared to…
The “Miracle” 3rd Type of Help For Your Business…
The 3rd type of help you can get for your business is miraculous. It doesn’t cost you any money, yet it can make you more money than employees, coaching, or training -COMBINED.
You’ve probably guessed by now, this 3rd kind is getting help from joint venture or JV partners. A JV partner is someone who has a business with the same kinds of customers you have.
A JV partner is someone that will promote you to their customers and clients to help you rapidly grow your prospect list, and sell your products and services for you.
Just one JV partner could make you an extra $100,000/year.
One JV partner can launch you into stardom.
One JV partner can fill your business for years.
Imagine what would happen with 10, 20, or 30?

“Costly Mistakes Most People Make With JV Partner Relationships…”
using money as a way to win JV partners
thinking that you have to have a big list already
thinking that the “big guys” would never want to work with you
trying to “get” before you “give”
cowering to the “big gurus” instead of seeing them as human too

“Watch Out For These Games JVs Play…”
I wish I could tell you that it’s all sunshine and roses in the world of working with JV Partners, but it’s not.
You’ll encounter people that will…
Lie about the size of their list
Will take poor care of the people you send their way
Will promise you they will promote you if you promote them, but after you help them, they never return your calls
Will send emails to their list, but only the burned out, non-buying portion of their list (hoarding their customers)
That won’t reciprocate at the same commission percentage rate as you
Will do the minimum to promote you while you do the maximum for them

There are a lot of things to watch out for, and in my program, I’ll show you how to avoid the pitfalls and keep bad things from happening in the first place. And also keep you from making these same mistakes yourself.
When it comes to getting JV Partners to promote you, there are a lot of things TO DO correctly. But then there are also things that you should NEVER do.
When you first approach a partner, you do NOT have to be a big name guru yourself or even have a HUGE list. It’s all a matter of HOW you get in touch with them. And there’s one thing you can do that will…

Blow the deal before it even gets started
Will get you written off as another “wanna be”, and
Have you burned into their mind as someone NOT to promote to their people

I’ll make sure you don’t do “THIS” in my program. In fact, it’s so important, I’ve included it in the welcome video you’ll get immediately when you join.
This is a mistake I’ve made myself several times and I’ve soooo regretted it. I didn’t even realize I was making it at the time. I made it with 3 HUGE Gurus and to this day, I still have not been able to get them to partner with me :-(
Introducing…“High Profit JV Partnerships: How To Get Big Name Gurus To Promote You & Sell Your Programs For You To Their Customers…”
In this intensive, 5 week online course you will discover…

Module 1: TARGET – How to Identify the Best JV Partners For You…
Start with a list of any of the big name gurus you already know that you would LOVE to have promote you.
Discover the “diamond in the rough” players that you might not have ever heard of, but could help you reach more people, increase your email list size, and sell more of your programs than the “famous gurus” can.
Develop a list of 15-100 possible JV partners that you can start working with immediately.
You’re going to get so many people promoting you, it will be like you hit the jackpot.

Module 2: COUNT DOWN TO IGNITION: Get Yourself Ready To Be Promoted…
Did you know that you might have the BEST content in the world, and your “would be” JV partner might even be convinced of it too – but if you don’t get these 5 critical pieces ready first, you can miss out forever on getting promoted by your monster JV partners?
Ever feel intimidated to approach BIG potential JV partners? In this section we’ll work together to eliminate that forever – right on the spot.
Get all of your “ducks in a row” so you’re confident, ready, and “promo worthy” so you can attract all of the JV partners you want.

Module 3: LIFT OFF: How to Approach JV Partners the “Right Way…”
Discover how to “jump the line” and cut through all of the JV partner requests that big name gurus get practically on a daily basis.
Learn how to take 1 JV partner and turn him/her into 5 more.
The mistakes most people make when reaching out to potential JV partners and how to avoid them.
Proven email scripts you can use to capture the attention and interest of hot JV partners.

Module 4: LEAVING THE ATMOSPHERE – How to Win Over JV Partners & Get Them Promoting You
Discover the exact things to say and do during the crucial partnering conversation to get your JV partner to say “Yes, I’ll promote you.”
How to become an indispensable resource to your JV partners so they are always ready to promote everything you do
What most people do wrong to kill deals right in their tracks (and most people don’t even know what they did wrong because everything seems to end so “nicely”, but never amount to anything.)

Module 5: TO THE MOON – How To Structure “JV Partnerships” To Succeed
How to get JV partners to send multiple emails to promote you.
Easy things you can do to get JV partners pumped for your next big launch.
5 models to follow to ensure highly successful, extremely lucrative cross promotion events (these are the proven models that work for win-win-win cross promotions that are easy for you and easy for them.)

Bonus Module 6: TO THE STARS– Rock Star JV Secrets
How to become the leader of your entire industry – even if you’re not the “biggest”, most successful player in town – even if you’re starting from scratch (this technique will BLOW YOUR MIND, but anyone can do it because there’s a void in every market that’s just waiting to be filled.)
Become the “biggest name in town” in your local area (this is a hot, fast way to build your email list and catapult you into the big leagues so you have more to offer the big name gurus.)
Become the person all of the gurus turn to for advice (yes, YOU can be the one they turn to for help because they’ll see you as a leader and a giver that has massive value to offer people – themselves included.)

Imagine how great you’re going to feel when you have all of my best “JV partnering” secrets and your email list is growing like wildfire, while your sales are skyrocketing through the roof. And even better than that…
Imagine the sense of self-satisfaction and pride you’ll feel, knowing how much you’re helping people and making a difference in the world as a well-known, famous guru yourself.
What Does This Program Cost?
Nothing.Let me explain…
I’ve spent over a decade developing these techniques and strategies. And I’ve spent several hundred thousand dollars learning the sales, marketing, persuasion skills, and personal growth techniques that I’ve poured into this program. But…
You’re going to get the “ULTIMATE SHORT CUT.” The training and coaching YOU NEED to attract the big name JV Partners that can help you grow your list, sell your products, and make you famous.
Just 1 JV partner can “make” your business.
10 can make you a fortune.
20 can make you set for life.
And this program is the key to the castle. The investment in this program is just $1,997, but it’s not a “cost.” It’s a high return investment in a coaching and training program that can get you the best kind of help there is: JV partners – people that will promote you and sell your programs to their clients and customers. These relationships are priceless!
“And Check Out These Bonuses…”

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