Eben Pagan – Guru Blueprint Revised Version

Guru Blueprint is the long awaited training and coaching program from Eben Pagan. It s a step-by-step coaching program that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to build your own multi-million dollar info product business. This is a proven BLUEPRINT that Eben has used time and time again. He has used it for over a decade now and he s made over $29 Million dollars last year alone. Now is your chance to get the blueprint from Eben and start your own empire.

The course consists of downloadable content and tons LIVE webinar trainings. Having a blueprint to follow really cuts short your learning curve. I always say, model those who are already successful. In fact this is what I have done for my whole online marketing career. I have modeled what other guru s have done. Now I choose my mentors carefully. And as I am moving into new areas there are two things that have been made very clear to me with producing your own information products: You need a good solid product and great marketing. If you don t have both of these then you are not going to be making sales like you need to be making sales. With GURU Blueprint you are getting a road map for creating you product and for marketing your product.

Some of the benefits are:
– Info products don t require you to deal with inventory, stock, shipping etc.
– After you create it, you can sell it again and again without additional costs.
– No office needed
– No employees needed until you are driving big volume and can afford it.
– Easy to outsource

Name Product: Eben Pagan – Guru Masterclass Trainings
Market price: $297
Author: Eben Pagan
Size: 1.8GB

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