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Hello  all of members!

We will help you to save a lot of money to buyan expensive courses with join in the Group Buy on We commit that you will be the first owners of the courses. It will not be shared in anywhere.

Today, we’re writing this note for everyone about the form Group Buys (GB) on
We split into two forms GB:

1. Later Group Buy
2. OnGoing Group Buy

Explain in detail:

1. Later Group Buys:

We have to spend money to buy the courses and we will allow member join in GB to payback for us. The Courses are many required will be performed in Later Group Buy. The Payment is cheap with this form because all members can join in GB. Price Per Seat: $10 – $20

If the member who join in GB, they  will receive the download link immediately. ( Response time: 12 – 24h )

2. OnGoing Group Buys:

We’ll perform GB from contributions of members. It means we will specify GB price per seat. We will update “members join GB” + “amount” in OnGoing Group Buys topics. When we receive enough money from members for the course, we will buy it. We hope all of members contributed enthusiastically to complete GB quickly.

We will send the download link on Filetut + give Filetut premium for you.

Special: We’ll go first to GB with prices:

  1. Product Price : $1000 —>G-business paid $200
  2. Product Price : $2000 —> G-business paid $500
  3. Product Price : $3000 —> G-business paid $800


Product Price : $1997 —> G-business paid $500

Price Per Seat: $30 Or More

Number of Seats: 50 Or Less
List of member join GB:

1. G-business: $500
2. Any: $…
3. Any: $…

Rule: Don’t post the download links anywhere else, LEECHERS will be banned without NOTICE, no REFUND