Greg Davis – Affiliate Millionaires

This is going to be the most direct, most in-your-face sales letter you’ve ever read. But don’t let that mess with your head. It’s also going to be the MOST IMPORTANT LETTER you’ve ever read. Because let’s be honest about it … Money CAN Buy Happiness. You know it, I know it. It can get you the house you’ve always wanted. Put your kids through college. Give you luxurious vacations on the beach. Let you start and grow your own business. Retire early. Travel abroad. I’ve been flat broke, and I’ve been filthy rich. I’ll take rich every time, thank you! That’s one reason why I wanna help you make 2014 and 2015 the years where you finally break through and start making REAL MONEY.

What Do I Mean By “Real Money”?
Get Ready to Start Drooling…

Well, if you make 6 or 7-figures a year, you’re doing well by most standards. You can get a better car, or maybe a nice home. But you’re still limited — and you may still have to work or possibly fear for your future if the money ever slows down
I don’t just want you to earn 6 or 7-figures a year…
I’m dead serious about getting you to a level where you’re making a MILLION-DOLLARS-A-MONTH “set for motherf$#@ing life” type money
So I’m doing something completely unprecedented in the history of internet marketing …
This Is An Insane Story…
Last year, I stunned the marketing world by gathering a small group of the world’s richest, most successful affiliate marketers (myself included) — put them all in one room, and taught virtually everything we know to a sold-out group of attendees.

Traffic + Conversion = Cash
The “5 Pillars of Traffic” is an Exact Step-by-Step Road Map That Will Accelerate Your Journey From Where You Are TO Where You Want to Be…Guaranteed!
Pillar 1: Paid Search (Google Adwords and Bing Ads)
Pillar 2: Media Buys
Pillar 3: Facebook
Pillar 4: Email
Pillar 5: Mobile

Speakers & Sessions:
Video #1 – John Gray, Lloyd Irvin, Greg Davis
Video #2 – Sam Bell
Video #3 – Justin Elenburg
Video #4 – D.C. Fawcett
Video #5 – Greg Davis, Ricco Davis
Video #6 – Kevin Alexander
Video #7 – Luke Sample
Video #8 – Con Mirza
Video #9 – Greg Davis
Video #10 – John Gray, Shukree Abuwi
Video #11 – Greg Davis, Lloyd Irvin
Video #12 – Ricco Davis, Ben Williams
Video #13 – Matt Trainer
Video #14 – Greg Davis, Matt Trainer

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