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Who else wants to become a highly paid speaker?
Last year, $129 Billion was spent in Workplace Education. Want some? Want a GPS to get you there, quickly?.
Get Paid to Speak by Next Week®
Lay the Foundation for Multiple Streams of Speaking Income
The truth about how anyone can get paid as a professional speaker
If you have EVER thought of being a paid professional speaker, 
even part-time, this may be the most
 important web page you ever read.
Question: Will this be the year you get paid to speak? How would that feel?
Picture yourself walking off stage, the audience jumping to their feet in appreciation of your presentation, as a herd of them RUNS to the back of the room to purchase YOUR educational materials!
Then the meeting planner pulls you aside and, with a huge grin says, ‘Thank you!’ while slipping a check into your hand.

If you’re speaking and not getting paid, do you have ANY IDEA how much money you’re leaving on the table every time? Even the most experienced speakers leave lots of money on the table. Why? Many never started from scratch the way I did.

If you were sitting across from me, I’d say,
“How do I get started as a speaker?” is one of the most common questions I get from people who see me speak.  My first response is, “Are you serious about getting paid, or just thinking about it?”  Unless you pursue your dreams, they are unlikely to become a reality. Wishes don’t happen by themselves.  Talking with someone who has actually done so it is a great initial step!

No meeting planner will pay you for wishing.
Stop dreaming.  Start pursuing!  The first step is to get the information to figure out where to start.  I’ve helped literally hundreds of speakers get started. I’ve helped speakers who are struggling get higher fees more often.  I just helped a 19-year-old boy  earn $220 on his first try!  Why not you? He was eager to listen and follow my plan.

Ever seen a HORRIBLE speaker who was getting paid?
Ever find yourself sitting in an audience watching a presentation thinking, “I’m at least that good.”  Don’t get jealous!  Get inspired! That is proof that getting paid is attainable. If you’re at least as talented as that speaker — and they got paid — then so can YOU!

Here’s what happened:
It’s very simple, actually.  When the decision-maker (meeting planner) made their choice, that speaker was the best option for that subject within their budget.  The meeting planner knew about them and had no idea about you.  Does that make sense? You just have to know how to be considered by planners, and be the best option out there. That’s exactly what you’ll find in my Get Paid to Speak by Next Week®.

Who would pay you?
The meetings industry is huge.  Companies and associations spend billions of dollars on meetings each year.  Every single day, speakers earn from $500 to $25,000.  Mega-celebrities can earn more than $100,000 for just an hour-long speech. Why aren’t you getting any of the pie?  The only reason, you don’t know HOW. That’s the first step.  You’ll save time getting there with the program.

We don’t get paid to speak, we actually get paid to…
If you were sitting across from me, the next thing I would tell you is that you need a basic understanding of the industry.  What are companies and associations actually paying for? It’s NOT just for a person to “speak.”  Experts are paid to transfer value.  You must think like an expert, not a speaker. What value do you have to transfer?  I haven’t found anyone who has listened to just the very first CD in my program and not had a huge list of ideas to speak on!

You don’t have to be the ULTIMATE EXPERT.
To start speaking in any industry you don’t have to be the ultimate guru.  I sure wasn’t. Dan Kennedy says, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” In my Get Paid to Speak by Next Week® system, I’ll show you fast and simple ways to get started speaking now, while setting the stage for more. 
Don’t take my word for it. Here is what one of my clients said:Get Paid to Speak by Next Week
“I have received my FIRST speaking paycheck!  Your advice helped me realize what I was… getting into and it sure helped me avoid many of the pitfalls that others make routinely.  Thanks for your help.”
~ Theresa Westcott, Houston, TX

Here’s where it gets even worse:
The only thing sadder than not getting started is starting off in the wrong direction.  Investing your valuable time and effort towards the wrong goals is truly a waste. The sad thing is that many dreams have died because of just that.  People get bad advice from someone who has never succeeded or claimed to, or they stupidly try to “figure it out on their own.” (Would you want a doctor working on you who didn’t go to medical school?)  Why do people do that?

Personally, this bugs the heck out of me!
My reason?  Because then people gain a false belief that they’re not good enough or that they are not cut out for speaking.  The truth is that they followed bad advice or tried to do it cheaply.  We save for years for our kids to go to college, to give them a better chance in life.  Yet some people think that because you can put your name on a business card, you are actually in business.  Education is an investment. (As Ed Tate says, “You can’t cheap your way to the top!”)

OK, here’s the cool part:
Earning money in speaking doesn’t take
money, brains, talent, or connections!
It simply takes following a proven system, a system that aspiring speakers from around the country, just like you, have followed to start getting paid to speak.  Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to someone not even from the U.S.A. who built his million dollar business in 4 years based on the Get Paid to Speak by Next Week®.  CLICK TO PLAY:

In this 8-CD Set and Interactive PDF Manual, you’ll learn directly from Darren:
What assets and experiences you have that people are willing to pay for
Who will pay you and how to reach them
The 16 biggest mistakes that could stop your speaking career before it gets started
5 specific ways to get paid to speak by next week (These tips alone will pay for this program.)
One secret question that can get you a $1,500 – $6,000 bonus!
31 Tools and forms that you need to get started quickly (It took me 12 years to develop them!)
Seven different speaking business models and which is best for you
How to speak for free and still earn a huge income
How much to charge
How to market yourself on a shoestring… that’s how Darren started!
And much, much, much more!

FREE Bonus # 1 – Darren’s Time Saving Form on a DATA CD (31 of Darren’s Tools & Forms)  $99
How much is your time worth?
Darren has compiled all of his forms to help you create yours quickly — 31 of them in all! This will help you focus quickly on what is most important, speaking and marketing. Most of the work is done for you!
Darren’s TO DO list
Darren’s Introduction – word.doc (to give you ideas as you create your own!)
Darren’s Client List – word.doc (to inspire you to build your own)
Darren’s Program Agreement – word.doc (with Darren’s $6,000 question)
Darren’s Inventory sheet – Excel spreadsheet
Darren’s Bureau-Friendly Press Kit – PDF
Darren’s Letterhead – word.doc
Darren’s BIO – word.doc
Darren’s FREE to FEE Pre-program Questionnaire – word.doc
Darren’s AV Requirements – word.doc (to inspire you to make your own)
Darren’s Chump to Champ Handout – PDF (includes order form)
Darren’s one-sheet (This is a primary marketing tool.)
Darren’s speaking locally flyer
Dear Darren – word.doc (testimonial e-mail)
My Product Tracking – Excel spreadsheet (Invaluable!) and many more!