Frank Kern – Advance Consulting Class 2013
1. Yes! I understand this is a 6-week interactive class being led by Frank Kern.
2. Yes! I understand that Frank will send me each week’s instructions and video lessons every Tuesday, beginning with Tuesday June 25th.
3. Yes! I understand Frank Kern will personally answer any and all of my questions LIVE every Thursday of the class, beginning Thursday, June 27th.
4. Yes! I understand Frank Kern will happily review and critique my marketing materials on these LIVE calls as well.
5. Yes! I understand that if I miss a call, I will be given a recording.
6. Yes! I understand that I’m welcome to submit my questions in advance, as a way to ensure I get the help I want.
7. Yes! I have done my research and believe that there is an existing market for my services.
8. Yes! I understand any and all upgrades to the class content and material will be provided to me FREE of charge.
9. Yes! I understand that by enrolling today, I am saving $900.00.
10. Yes! I understand that no income claims were made during the presentation of this offer, and that it is my sole responsibility to implement what I learn.
11. Yes! I understand that I am also receiving immediate access to the Millionaire Marketing Formulas workshop, which was taught by Frank Kern and Brendon Burchard …and which originally sold for $10,000.00.
12. Yes! I understand I am also receiving Frank Kern’s priceless offline small-business direct mail lead-generation swipe file, which was used to generate leads from small business owners across the country.

Name Product: [b]Frank Kern – Advance Consulting Class 2013[/b]
Market price: [b]$7800[/b]
Author: [b]Frank Kern[/b]
Size: [b]4.3 MB[/b]


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