Home Business School: Internet Marketing for Dunces

Name Product: Home Business School: Internet Marketing for Dunces
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Instructor:  Frank Catalano, Bud E. Smith
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A complete beginner guide to working from home covering various subjects such as marketing tools, promoting your business online and writing articles. Here is a full list of lessons.
It had often been my dream to work from home. I didnt like the idea of going to work each day doing the same job and earning just enough to get by while the people at the top got rich for doing much less. I always dreamed of running my own business from home so I can choose my own hours for work and pleasure rather than let a company do that for me. Did you know that the word JOB actually stands for Just Over Broke? Because once you have paid your bills you have little money left over to enjoy life. If you are going to work all week then you deserve to enjoy the money youve earned.

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