Shatter Your Limitations - Faith Presley (2014)

Shatter Your Limitations hosted by Faith Presley. Clearly See Your Path to Healing, Happiness and Success
Welcome, it’s Faith Presley! I hope you are ready to take this once in a lifetime journey to Creating Your Wildly Happy, Passionate and Successful Life.

That’s exactly what we will be discussing and discovering over the next few days, along with Shattering the Limitations that have been preventing you from experiencing a life that you are passionate about living!

I’m excited to introduce to you to 28 experts who will help you Discover What Has Been Holding You Back From Living the Life of Your Dreams.

Our experts are ready to share their powerful strategies with you to free yourself of stress and self doubt and all the negative things you may tell yourself about not having enough time or money or motivation to live the life of your dreams.

It’s really not too late and I’m sure you will agree once those limitations have been shattered for good, as you begin your healing journey you’ll clearly see how small and simple steps can lead to amazing and positive changes quickly.

I have spent the last six months finding amazing authors, bloggers, mind-body experts, healers and inspirational guides who know exactly how to bring powerful and immediate positive changes to your life.

It’s all free! Each expert has generously shared their time and wisdom with us and I am incredibly grateful to them because I believe that you are are about to experience a life changing journey. Come, join us.

Meet Your Experts on this Journey…

Tanya Markul
How to Let Go of Painful Stories From the Past and Future
Here are some of the things that Tanya will be sharing with us today.
• How to let go of painful stories of the past and fears of the future.
• The side effects of holding onto past pain, hurts and trauma.
• How acceptance helps us heal.
• Why changing your focus can improve your life.
• What happens when you create more space in the present moment.
• And why it’s important to release the need for perfection.

Ward Plunet
Science of Brain Hacks
Today I have a very cool surprise for you. Ward Plunet, a neuroscientist with a weekly science show, is here to share the brain science behind becoming happier and healthier and achieving our goals in a FUN way.
Here are some of the things that Ward will be sharing with us today.
• How to use experiences to gain longer lasting happiness.
• Motivation is a learned skill, you can improve it!
• How a picture of yourself or using a mirror can increase your self-control.
• We’ve got hacks – how to find MORE time!!

Sonia Miller
Shatter the Illusion of Fear and Limitation
Sonia shares some life changing strategies about changing your words and understanding your true powerful nature.
Here are some of the things that Sonia talked about.
• How to honour your past and release fear.
• Why it is important to know that It Is Going To Be Okay.
• How to get what you want and need by changing your words.

Christina Ambubuyog
How to Trust Your Intuition
Christina will share some awesome tips to help us listen to our inner voice for more happiness and success in our lives. Learn how the Law of Attraction really works and how to nurture your intuition so you can listen to your inner voice more. It knows what’s up, isn’t it time we did too?
Here’s what we discussed today.
• How to trust your intuition and have more positive experiences.
• How stuck energies in your body can block you.
• Why Christina calls your intuition the Universal Language of the Soul.

Farnoosh Brock
How to Achieve Your Dreams One Step at a Time
Our speaker today Farnoosh Brock, is a great example of how taking a step in a direction that excites you, can evolve into something that brings a lot of happiness and success to your life.
Here are some of the things that Farnoosh will be sharing with us today.
• Why investing in yourself is important.
• Why your beliefs are important.
• How to remove self-imposed limitations.
• How to achieve your dreams one step at a time or by working backwards.
• How letting go of control and excuses can open up your life.

Dr. Susan Giurelo
How to Get Unstuck
Today our incredible interview will tell you how to remove your self imposed limitations and how to get unstuck and stop procrastinating. And we get to talk about my socks. I love socks. LOL it relates to how to get organized so I think you’ll be able to relate to that part. This interview is jam-packed with real world advice and I think you’ll see yourself in Susan’s words. Listen in and find out!
Here are some of the things that Susan will be sharing with us today.
• Why you get stuck and how to get unstuck.
• Why we procrastinate and how to stop it…now.
• How to manage your time and be more organized

Dana Claudat
You Are Your Own Guru
I am so excited today because I gained a deeper understanding of some Eastern-inspired healing methods and now you will too! Our Modern Feng Shui expert Dana Claudat will amaze you with ways to bring Feng Shui into every area of your life for maximum effect – including what you eat! This information might be totally new to you so I think you will enjoy learning some amazing steps to take today increase your health and happiness.
Here’s what we talked about today.
• How changing your outer environment can change your inner self.
• Why you are your own Guru.
• Why letting go and decluttering can open up your life for more of what you want.
• How letting go of control and excuses can open up your life.
• We discuss how challenges give us the opportunity to make changes.

Diane Mandle
Healing With Sound
Today our certified sound healer/practitioner Diane Mandle will share how all parts of our physical, mental and spiritual being can be healed with sound. How placing the bowls on the body can show the areas of blockages that need healing. Using Tibetan Bowl Therapy for depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Stress. And More! And then she will talk about how to use the healing vibrations of sound to reduce stress and pain and bring yourself into harmony. Oh and she plays her Tibetan Bowls for us!!! There are some interesting Buddism roots in both Feng Shui and Tibetan Bowl healings that we get to hear about too.
Here are some of the things that Diane will be sharing with us today.
• How the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body can be healed with sound.
• How the Tibetan Bowls show the places the body needs healing.
• Some WOWs and Giggles – oh wait that was me!
• Healing anger, depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by removing blocks.

Jonathan Bailor
The Keys to Healthy Weight
I have a very lively discussion with Jonathan Bailor, author of The Calorie Myth to share with you. Today is probably a good day to mention that you can pause the interviews to take notes if you want to or you can listen to them again and again. Jonathan refers to our interview as his ‘Calorie Myth rant’ and there’s no doubt that he’s on fire today! His quote from Mother Theresa at the end is awesome.
Here are some of the things that Jonathan will be sharing with us today.
• Calorie counting is not the key to a healthy weight.
• Find out how to eat more, exercise less, lose weight and live better.
• Vitamin and mineral fortified does not equal quality nutrition.
• The three things all foods must contain to be considered healthy and SANE.
• If last year’s iPhone is OLD news, why are we still basing our weight loss and exercise plans on 50 year old
nutritional information?

Lee Holden
How to Access Our Bodies’ Healing Powers and Relieve Stress and Pain
Welcome to our call. I’ve been waiting for today for awhile because I think that Qi Gong is a powerful healing method that is simple and that anyone can do. So I’m incredibly happy to introduce you to Lee Holden today so we can discuss Qi and Qi Gong. Lee takes us through two quick and simple ways to change your stress and energy levels immediately. I encourage you to do them with us (they’re easy) and also to look into this incredible healing method today. It’s such a great method that I hope to join Lee for some Qi Gong training this spring
Today we discusssed:
• Why Qi is so important to our health and energy levels.
• How to age with grace, beauty, strength and power.
• The power of our breath, posture and facial expressions.
• How to access our bodies’ healing powers and relieve stress and pain.

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