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Name Product: Facebook Marketing – Advanced Targeting Strategies
Market price:   $299
Instructor:  Sandor Kiss, Patrick Dermak
File Size:  622 MB
Home:  https://www.udemy.com/certified-web-application-tester

In this class you, will learn how to use advanced Facebook targeting methods to grow your business almost instantly.You’ll discover three of the most advanced features Facebook has to offer: Custom Audiences, Website Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.
These targeting techniques are easy-to-implement, incredibly powerful and will allow you to generate more income & revenue by reaching out to your customers, email subscribers and website visitors, and eventually turning them into paying customers.
If you want to be more successful, grow your business faster while spending 80% less on Facebook ads and getting up to 600% ROI instantly, then this training is perfect for you.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity and I’ll see you on the other side!
What Inside:
1- Welcome to our training!.mp4
2- How This Training Will Transform Your Business.mp4
3- What Are Custom Audiences.mp4
4- Why Custom Audiences.mp4
5- How To Reach Your Customers.mp4
6- How To Create A Custom Audience On Facebook.mp4
7- How To Use Custom Audiences In The Ad Creation Process.mp4
8- How To Target Your Custom Audience On Facebook.mp4
9- Custom Audience Core Strategies – Part I.mp4
10- Custom Audience Core Strategies – Part II.mp4
11- How To Reach Your Customers On Facebook.mp4
12- What Is Website Retargeting.mp4
13- Why Retargeting Will Accelerate Your Business Growth.mp4
14- How To Install A Retargeting Pixel.mp4
15- How To Get Your Retargeting Pixel Installed.mp4
16- How To Create A Website Custom Audience.mp4
17- How To Create Retargeting Ads.mp4
18- Retargeting Core Strategies – Part I.mp4
19- Retargeting Core Strategies – Part II.mp4
20- Introduction To Lookalike Audiences.mp4
21- What Are Lookalike Audiences.mp4
22- Lookalike Audience Core Strategies.mp4
23- How To Set Up Lookalike Audiences.mp4
24- How To Create Ads With Lookalike Audiences.mp4
25- Congratulations, You Made It!.mp4

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