Name Product: Fabienne Fredrickson – The Client Attraction Inner Game of Abundance Mindset Retreat
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Author: Fabienne Fredrickson
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The premise of this 3-day experience is rooted in the understanding that your results (meaning, your income level, the level of success you’re experiencing, your relationships and your level of meaning and fulfillment) aren’t actually a result of how hard you work or what you do.
Instead, your results are directly correlated to your ‘Inner Game’ or mindset, a composite of your psychology of success, your beliefs, your fears, your self-image, your behaviors, your habits and actions, as well as how big you’re willing to play. That’s what really creates the results, or lack thereof.
So, to shift your inner game and mindset, you go through a beautiful process over a period of 3 days that has you experience a profound shift in how you approach everything in life. It allows you to get out of your own way and dramatically increase your results, very quickly (and yes, increasing your income is a big part of it).
This life-changing event will help you get more clients, make a LOT more money, while working much LESS (enjoying every moment)! Here’s what you’ll get when you make the commitment to register for The Mindset Retreat.

Day One: Dream Bigger
How to realize you’re currently playing too small
How to stretch your vision of what’s possible for you and your business (and legacy)
How to have clarity of intention (instead of being confused about what you want)
How to discover your life purpose and then align it with your efforts
How to command abundance into your life
How to discover your “big why” behind it all and make it come to life
How to safely stretch your business goals and actually reach them
How to see the opportunities for growth that are right under your nose
The formula for instantly manifesting what you want
Why you don’t need to worry about how you’ll reach your goals
The one thing you’ll eliminate from your life so you accomplish more
How to afford anything in your life (today)…

Day Two: Clear and Upgrade
Why what you want hasn’t happened yet
Why you’re actually currently repelling what you say you want
How to resolve your inner conflicts that are sabotaging your success
How your mindset actually creates your reality
The 22 clues that will show you if you’re actually attracting what you want
How to get clear on your money consciousness
How to determine whether you have an “abundance mentality” or a “lack mentality” and where it came from
Why having money is good
How to unearth your core beliefs about money and success (those that either propel you to success or draw you to struggle)
How to change your beliefs from negative to positive
Why you are easily capable of greatness, right now
Why your purpose for being here is much, much bigger than you think
How to upgrade your self-image and what you believe to be true about yourself
How to reprogram your definition of how successful you can be
How to determine which exact fears stop you from being more successful
How to eliminate fear from your life, immediately
How to forgive anyone or anything that’s happened to you
The specific and very simple things you unknowingly do to stop abundance from entering your life (and how to stop doing them)
How to eliminate competition and comparison from your life
How to no longer be affected by criticism and stop caring what people think of you

Day Three: Commit to the Vision and Act with Faith
How to take action on your big goals even if you don’t feel like you know enough or aren’t qualified yet
How winners do things differently than others (and what they do that you can model immediately)
How to become a superstar in anything you want to accomplish
How to deal with disappointments along the way
How to get crystal clear direction on what to do next to reach your goal
How to stop procrastinating, delaying and instead, take immediate and decisive action toward your goals, every time
How to get past resistance
How to deal (and get beyond) the fear, doubt and worry that keep you playing small
Why misfortunes in your life are actually very good
How to comfortably stretch beyond your existing comfort zone
How to be courageous in playing a bigger game
Why you always have a parachute and safety net under you
How to not get side tracked by negativity
How to be unwavering in your efforts
How to achieve anything you set your mind to, without struggle
How to easily upgrade your everyday reality and quality of life (without draining your bank account)
How to surrender into your calling and fill your life with meaning and fulfillment
Why all of this turn on the faucet of abundance in your life so that money flows effortlessly to you