Eve Hazelton - Lighting Masterclass

This is Eve’s 1 hour long lighting masterclass.
In this tutorial created for philipbloom.net, Eve talks you through simple to advanced lighting setups that are easy to achieve and produce beautiful results. She explains simply, how to get the most from your existing lights and some quick tips to create a really impressive shot.
Eve is DOP for The Underwater Realm, a series of 5 films set underwater being shot by a team of volunteers in the UK. For more tutorials like this please head over to our kickstarter page where we are giving backers of the project the tools you need to produce fantastic film.

Chapter 1 – Light Theory (9m19s)
Chapter 2 – Industry Kit (12m10s)
Chapter 3 – Lighting Setups (12m21s)
Appendix – Example Scenes (16m41s)
Conclusions (2m)

The Masterclass was created as a reward during the kickstarter campaign for the hugely successful ‘Underwater Realm’ project.

Name Product: Eve Hazelton – Lighting Masterclass
Market price: Memership
Author: Eve Hazelton
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