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Name Product: Erik Luhrs – The Pers0na Positioning Creation Program
Market price: $1450
Author: Erik Luhrs
Home: http://guruselling.com/website/what-we-offer/products/positioning-program/

It’s The Little Known And Incredibly Powerful System That Built The World’s Most Valuable Company.
What Can It Do For Yours?

The Program Includes:
The full 90 minute Video Training Session
The original Q&A Session
10 Mind Maps, one for each Element
1 month of email coaching
100% Money Back Guarantee*

Now you can actually consciously create your position in your marketplace.
This is the ultimate “unfair advantage!”

MODULES 1 to 5: Tangible Elements
    #1 Unique Moniker Position
Know what to say in the first 3 seconds that will immediately hook qualified prospects and eliminate disqualified ones!
Define your brand and let it do the work for you!
Become a BIG SHOT in one second!

    #2 Unique Purpose Story
Be able to tell a story that prospects want to hear to endear them to you and your brand!
Powerfully distance yourself from would-be competitors!
Build a rapport point with prospects with no extra work!

    #3 Unique Technology Position
Leverage the way you already do business – and use it to build instant trust and credibility!
Create security in your prospects that there is a technology at work and it is not just off the cuff!
You are now the “CREATOR OF…”!

    #4 Unique Expertise Position
Eliminate any thought of comparing you to a competitor…even if there are others who already do it!
Become incomparable! The ultimate answer to “Why you?”!
Be the ONLY one who does what you do in the world!

    #5 Unique Niche Position
Be the dominate player in your marketplace by creating and controlling your own marketplace!
Automatically create a pool of needy clients!
Drive up the value of your expertise

MODULES 6 to 10: Intangible Elements
    #6 Unique Contrarian Position
Instantly get the respect of your prospects!
Achieve “Mentor” status easily!
Force prospects to undo their own status quo in favor of your new reality for them!

    #7 Unique Problem Position
Eradicate the issue of people asking “How much do you charge?” right off the bat!
Make prospects see you as the only solution to their problem!
Basically hit “reset” on their buying agenda and put yourself in control!

    #8 Unique Image Position
Create the customer’s experience!
Create the Feelings of trust or coolness or admiration to accelerate rapport with prospect!
Create a brand new you!

    #9 Unique Worth Position
Rapidly drive up your prices and fees and have people happily pay them!
Make prospects focus on the most overlooked valuation system!
How to use comparison to your advantage!

    #10 Unique Recognition Position
Get prospects calling to buy your solutions!
Get media outlets calling to give you free publicity by leveraging something you totally ignore right now!
Be widely known by your target market and peers as the best!