Facebook Shadow Boxing Club by Eric James
Q – Is there an upsell?
A – Nope, you get everything you need, and at a $200 discount.

Q – How much is this?
A – The normal price for JUST the coaching is $497.00. Right now THROUGH THIS PAGE you, can get the group coaching, lifetime access to the member’s area and mastermind group for only $297.00. By Tuesday the price on this page will be $497.00 as well.

Q – How much do I need to advertise?
A – The bigger your ad budget the faster you will see results and build bigger pages. I suggest that you have at least $300 per month to spend on ads. You can get by on less but it will take more time to build up your network.

Q – When will I see results?
A – I do not know how fast you work and if you will put what I show you into practice. That is why I can offer no guarantees on speed of results. However, most of my students begin to generate money within a week of building up their pages.

Q – How many coaching sessions are there?
A – There are 8 coaching sessions. Each one will be recorded and placed in the member’s area.

Q – Can I ask questions for the webinars?
A – Yes! The more questions you ask the better. There is a special area for you to ask all your
questions for the webinars.

Q – Will you add stuff that I suggest?
A – Yep. The mastermind group and member’s area is all about meeting your needs. Simply, put in a request for a video and you will get one delivered straight into the member’s area. In addition to request videos I add new training on a weekly basis.

Name Product: Eric James- Facebook Shadow Boxing Club
Market price: $497
Author: Eric James
Size: 3.95 GB
Website: http://ericjamesim.com/group-special/

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