Enzo Ewens – Senuke X SEO Training
Module 1 — Developing The SEO Mindset
* This Video Module Discusses What To Expect From Your SEO Campaigns. How You Can Develop an SEO Mindset That Can Bring Results For Your Websites and For Your Client’s Websites.
* Contains “NEVER” before Revealed Principles About Search Engine Optimization.

Module 2 — ON Page Optimization Secrets
* How To Setup Your Websites’ ON Page SEO Factors Correctly. NO Fluff But Direct To the Point, Easy To Implement Changes
* Discover Where To Put Your Keywords, What Links To Include, Where To Link, Changes To The Meta Data and More!

Module 3 — Account Creation Best Practices
* Discover How You Can Achieve Near 90% Account Creation Success Rates
* Learn To Find Out How To Make Your Accounts and Websites Stick Longer and Minimize Account Deletion
* Increase the Effectiveness of Your SEO Campaigns With by Just Implementing A Few Tweaks

Module 4 — Enzo’s Wonder Link Strategy
*Discover My Very Own Wonder Linking Strategy. This Strategy Protects
Your Money Pages While Getting The Best Amount Of Link Juice To Your Sites
* Understand The Importance Of This Strategy In Getting Your Sites
* Increase the Effectiveness of Your SEO Campaigns by Just Implementing A Few Tweaks

Module 5 — How To Start Posting
* I’ll Show You How To Get Started With Your SENuke X Postings
* Discover Secrets To Getting Your Links Posted Correctly
* Discover How To Use The Random Links Effectively

Module 6 — How To Chain Your Campaigns
* Discover How You Can Start Posting Links Daily while Setting it Up One Time
* Discover Ways To Effectively Boost The Previous Links You Have By Building Backlinks To Backlinks
* Watch Never Before Released Methods Of How I Use SENuke X to Schedule My Campaigns For Weeks

Module 7 — How To Use The SENuke X Wizard
* Discover How To Use The SENuke X Wizard Effectively
* If You are Using The Default SENuke X Wizard You Are Leaving A HUGE Footprint. Learn What To Do Instead
* Learn How I Setup An Exact Campaign Using SENuke X Wizard

This Course Will Help Your Sites Gain Top Rankings By Leveraging The Power And Authority Of The World’s Most Popular Video Sharing Site. Show You How To Build Pagerank and How You Can Leverage This Method For Your Websites as Well.

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