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And An Awesome Lifestyle Business By Offering Deeply Transformational High-End Programs Your Clients LOVE.
My simple action plan lays out exactly what to do, step by step, to design, market and fill your next program in 60 days or less, even if you’re not a coach, are new in business, or don’t have a big list.

Dear Phenomenal Woman Entrepreneur:
Have you been seeking an alternative to the “dollars for hours” way of working with clients? Are you tired of giving it all away at low fees, but don’t know how to charge more with integrity? What if I told you that there was a simple, proven, step-by-step path to…
Enjoy a 6-figure+ business by working with just a handful of highly motivated dream clients (the ones who show up fully and take action)
Charge what your services are truely worth… without fear, guilt or hesitation.
Attract clients who seek you out and are happy to pay your premium fees
Have the time, freedom and income for the lifestyle you choose, whether that’s traveling the world, raising a family or hanging with your sweetie at home

Get ready to be excited – because that proven path exists! And it all comes down to ONE key strategy that can change… everything.
So what’s the secret to creating a 6-figure lifestyle business – fast – while being of highest service to  those  you’re committed to help?
The secret is to ditch the “dollars for hours” and low-end offers and learn a system to deliver your deep work in lucrative high-end programs that sell… for $5,000… $10,000… even $20,000 and up.
What is a high-end (or “Platinum-Style”) program? It’s the work you’re already doing, packaged in a way that delivers the highest level of transformation – and BIG results – for your clients.
Here’s WHY creating & selling high-end or “Platinum Style” programs is THE fastest and easiest way to serve people well, and use your deep transformation to bring in BIG money FAST.

With a system to create your own high-end programs, you’ll be able to….
Create generous revenue in your business. Instead of a few hundred dollars, your programs start at $3000, $5000 or $6000 and UP. Once you gain confidence and experience, your fees will go up – fees of $10,000 – $25,000 for a year are very possible. Enroll several clients at once and you’re looking at a five-figure to 6-figure payday.
Free up your time. Even when working 1-on-1, you’re often spending less time with clients and making more. And because high-end clients sign on for longer commitments, you spend less time marketing to find them.
Free up your ENERGY because you’re attracting a different kind of client and working with them at a much higher level. High-end clients are a joy to work with – and needy, demanding clients are rare.
Transform the RESULTS your clients get. Because you’re working at a high level, not only do you attract different clients…. these clients get results. They also value YOU, appreciate you and respect you… and they become committed, fast action taker clients that you dream of having. This ultimately transforms your reputation and your business like nothing else, because they give you success stories and referrals.
Create a burst of LEVERAGE in your business. Getting a few committed clients at higher fees creates a boost of cash and frees up time and energy which you can use as LEVERAGE to get to the next level – and offer all those group programs and information products to get your work into the hands of more people.
Create big paydays with NO marketing budget! All you’ll need are the simple tools I’ll show you. You can get your first – or next – high-end client with a single conversation.
Get started with a “list” of just ONE person. Instead of lengthy, risky launches, you can add clients to your business at ANY time – even if they’ve just met you.
Get paid what you’re worth now, no matter where you are in your business – even if you’re new. When you know a proven way to package your services to create massive value, you don’t have to be the “best” out there or have years of experience. All you have to “do” is be willing to own your worth – no more discounting your talent, training, and gifts.
Bottom line: high-end programs transform your LIFESTYLE and how you FEEL about yourself. They invite you to step into a new way of BEING that truly pulls you forward.

Module 1:
How To Channel Your Deep Transformation Into A Compelling Core Offer that High-End Clients Will Happily Invest In
In this module, you’ll get crystal clear on WHAT you have to offer that high-end clients will invest in, and discover how to clearly communicate your value so ideal clients are inspired to invest with you at higher fees. You’ll discover…
The critical six-figure mindset shifts you must make before you create any high end program (these are KEY to charging higher fees)
What your clients are REALLY investing in when they step into your high end program. (This is crucial to attracting ideal clients who will happily pay higher fees.)
The TRUE motivator that inspires clients to buy at high fees (ignore this and all you’ll hear is “I can’t afford it.”)
My simple 3-step process to uncover EXACTLY what you can offer high-end clients that they WANT and will PAY for
DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists of proven high-end program ideas that sell. No more guesswork – you can just choose what most resonates, and go. (My colleagues have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)

Module 2:
How To Design A Rich And Juicy High-End Program Your Clients Will LOVE (And Want To Sign Up For!)
A Platinum program is one of the most exciting, lucrative offers you can make in your business – when you do it right. Problem is, many women sabotage themselves and end up right back where they started – overworked, underpaid, and undervalued.
In this module, I’ll show you HOW to design programs that sell AND truly leverage your time so you get the time and income freedom you crave. You’ll discover…
How to avoid the #1 biggest mistake business owners make with program design that can sabotage their clients’ success (this one is huge, and nobody else is talking about it).
How to minimize the amount of time spent with clients while maximizing their results.The TRUE motivator that inspires clients to buy at high fees (ignore this and all you’ll hear is “I can’t afford it”).
The one thing you MUST include with your program so that you become indispensable to your clients, they happily pay more, and get even better results.
How to make your program stand out from what everyone else is offering.
How to gracefully stop “giving away the farm” in your lower level programs so that you increase the value of your new premium services.
DONE-FOR-YOU: Platinum blueprints that take all of the guesswork out of designing your program (I’ve used all of them over the past 4 years – so you know they work!)
DONE-FOR-YOU: Samples of 6-month, 12-month, 90-day, 1-day intensives and a group mastermind, straight from my own business, so that you can see exactly how successful programs are structured and model them yourself.

Module 3:
How To Price Your Program With Integrity & Accept Payment With Credibility
Your price PLUS how you handle payment sets the stage for the success or failure of your entire program. In this module, I’ll give you a step-by-step template for setting your Platinum fees, and explain in detail EXACTLY what you need to accept payment with ease and credibility. You get…
The answer to the question, “How much can I really charge?” and what type of payment options to offer
When to give your fee – and when NOT to give your fee (In a conversation? On the website? Discover exactly when to put it out there).
What to do and say to avoid hearing “I can’t afford it” from your potential clients.
Tips to work with your credit card processor so they’re ready to accept the greater amount of money you’ll be receiving.
How to make your full-payment option a no-brainer for your potential clients (you’ll love how often they take you up on it).
Exactly what you need to feel 100% confident standing behind your price, so you don’t turn potential clients off (they can tell when you don’t really believe it).
DONE-FOR-YOU: Easy template for setting your fees for your Platinum program (including my favorite “starter” investments for a 90-day and 6-month program).

Module 4:
Platinum Enrollment
Materials That Do The
Selling For You
Imagine having a conversation with a potential high-end client that lasts just 15 minutes, where the client is coming to you, pre-sold and ready to sign on with you! That’s the beauty of using the powerful enrollment process you’ll discover in this module. You get…
Platinum invitation letter template which lays out exactly what to say to describe your program and call forward the right clients, so they desire to work with you.
Platinum application template, including done-for-you application questions, designed to lead the right clients to the conclusion to hire you while screening out those who are not a fit. (Plus I’ll give you the psychology behind the questions, so you can create your own.)
Platinum agreement checklist, so you know exactly what you need to include to create safety for your clients, protect your business and put yourself forward as a highly paid professional.
DONE-FOR-YOU: Generous sample letters and applications from my most successful campaigns, plus a sample agreement you can use as a starting place.

Module 5:
Launch! Marketing & Enrollment Secrets To Fill Your Program With Ease
A great program is nothing without a launch strategy that leads to a big payday. Now that you’ve packaged your transformation in a way your high-end clients can’t resist, it’s time to LAUNCH.
You’ll discover…
How to fill your Platinum program with ease, even if you don’t have a big list (I created my first 6-figures with an email list of just a few hundred people).
The critical part of the conversation you must never “weenie out” on, else you risk hearing “I can’t afford it”
The right questions to ask to screen for your ideal clients plus how to know who to invite and who to respectfully let go.
How to gracefully transition your current clientele to your new high-end model without losing them or leaving them behind.
Are they in or out? How to get a firm, decisive answer on the spot – while honoring their process and staying in integrity.
DONE-FOR-YOU: A tried-and-true email campaign to launch your high-end program online using email.
DONE-FOR-YOU: List of screening questions to quickly identify “red flags” that can sabotage the success of your program (especially important for when you’re working with groups).

Module 6:
How To Deliver A High-End Program Your Clients Will Never Forget …In Just A Few Hours Per Month
There’s nothing like sealing the deal with awesome high-end clients! Now you need a SYSTEM for delivering a phenomenal Platinum experience… and handling the situations that come up along the way. You’ll discover…
Why you DON’T need to be the best or most experienced service provider to create amazing results for your Platinum clients.
How to AVOID the situation you dread most: having clients call you or email you a day after they enroll to say “I’ve changed my mind.”
How to plan your monthly calls and teleseminars to minimize your time commitments and give you back your freedom.
How to plan your retreat content, step-by-step.
How to make your live or virtual retreats a safe haven for your program members, so they are free to be open, connect deeply and create lasting transformation.
How to budget your program to deliver a high-class experience AND maximize your profits (the expenses can creep up, so you don’t want to miss this).
DONE-FOR-YOU goodness that will make it super-simple to deliver a first-class platinum experience your clients will LOVE.

Bonus 1:
How to Create A “Goddess State Of Mind” To Easily Attract Clients At Higher Fees
To create rock star results with high-end clients, you must love and treasure yourself as the Goddess you are. A “Goddess State Of Mind” is the “to-the-core-of-you” belief you are worth it, your services are worth it, and that your clients will gladly pay for what you offer.
You’ll discover how to upgrade your thinking and actions in 5 key areas to create a “Goddess State Of Mind”. You’ll finally OWN your value & the results you provide, expand your ability to accept greater amounts of money, and so much more.
Your mindset is the KEY to commanding 5-figure and even 6-figure fees with confidence. Which is why this bonus training alone is worth the investment in the entire program. VALUE: Priceless

​Bonus 2:
How To Make $1000 – $10,000 In One Day With 1-Day Intensives and Virtual Workshops
1-Day Intensives (or “1-days”) are one of the simplest and FUN ways to create income quickly. Most high-end offers you create will include SOME kind of intensive time with you, making your 1-days a perfect “lead in” to your high-end programs.
In this audio training, you’ll discover everything you need to add 1-Day offerings to your business fast, including…
What hot topics (results) to design your 1-Day Intensive to deliver.
How to structure and deliver your 1-Day Intensive so that both you and your clients stay relaxed and high-energy.
How to create a compelling 1-Day offer that clients will eagerly sign up for
How to price your 1-Day for maximum revenue and integrity.
How to quickly implement your 1-day days so you get into action and create income ASAP.
Just one “1-Day” client alone can cover your investment in the entire training. Value: $997

​Bonus 3:
Transformational Selling
For High-End Programs
Crash Course
Selling changes lives! Easily enroll more of your ideal high-end clients in a single conversation using Elizabeth’s heartfelt, proven Transformational Selling method. Crash course includes:
Detailed template and script for a Transformational Selling Conversation with high-end clients (which you can edit to suit your style and language)
Word-for-word OFFER script detailing exactly what to say when making your offer
Word-for-word objections scripts of exactly what to say when they say “I can’t afford it,” “I don’t have time,” “let me talk to my husband” and other common concerns
60-minute “no fluff” audio training that has you enrolling with confidence

VALUE: $497
​Bonus 4:
Platinum Results Blueprint: What To Include In Your Programs So Your Clients Get The Results They’re Paying For
Ever wonder if you can really get those awesome results for your clients? Here’s a secret that will ease your mind: It’s HOW you design your program that makes the biggest difference.
With the right container (your program) that has been specifically designed to account for the way human beings create change, your clients will create extraordinary results – sometimes even in spite of themselves. You’ll discover 10 key elements to include in your program – these take the pressure off you so you can feel confident that your program will deliver.

VALUE: $297
​Bonus 5:
Platinum Troubleshooting Guide: What To Do If They’re
Not Signing Up
There’s nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul into a program… only to have nobody sign up!
A lack of signups can be frustrating, even downright scary if you’re counting on the income. (I’ve been there.) The great news is, most reasons behind a lack of signups are very common and simple to fix.
In this bonus audio training, I’ll lay out a step by step plan to “troubleshoot” your Platinum offer, so you can identify the issue and get back on track quickly. PLUS you’ll get a checklist of simple solutions for the most common reasons why clients aren’t signing up, and how to handle any resistance you may be feeling in yourself. VALUE: $297

​Bonus 6:
High-End Client Hotspots: 10 Places Where Your Ideal Platinum Clients Are Already Hanging Out
One of the biggest questions we get asked is, “Where do I FIND clients who pay higher fees?” In this bonus training, I’ll walk you through a checklist of 10+ places where your ideal high-end clients are already hanging out, plus share the best “low hanging fruit” opportunities you can use to enroll new clients right away. VALUE: $197

​Bonus 7:
The Platinum Program Secrets Facebook Community
In the same way LIVE events provide an environment for connecting with and learning from other successful women, you’ll get access to a thriving virtual community to learn from, connect with and grow.
This group will also serve as a sacred space to interact with me personally and get your questions answered while you implement. That way everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from your questions and the answers I provide.
VALUE: $497