Edward Mills- The Abundant Mystic with Edward Mills fall

There are no mistakes… no coincidences. You were guided here for a reason. Something attracted you to this material. Something here resonates with you. Perhaps you know that you’re a Modern Day Mystic and can already feel the truth and the potential of what is happening here. Or perhaps you are curious, and starting to wonder if you might actually be a Modern Day Mystic and want to find out more. Either way, the awesome Modern Day Mystics in this series are here to help you reclaim your Divine birthright of TRUE Abundance. For it is only when you are stepping firmly and fully in your abundance that you can fully offer your gifts in service to the higher good.

The Intention of The Abundant Mystic Series is:
To help you reclaim your Divine Birthright of TRUE Abundance so that you can create a life of Personal Prosperity while fully embodying your gifts and offering them in service to the highest good of all!

To help co-create a world of TRUE Abundance you must create and live a LIFE of TRUE Abundance. Begin with your own life. Begin by creating the life YOU want to live. And as you do watch how your life and the your energy and your light shine out into the world sending ripples of change to places and people you are not even aware of. It becomes a beautifully self-perpetuating upward spiral of expanding abundance for you and increasing good in the world around you. That is why the concept of Being the Change You Want to See is so powerful. It is truly a win-win situation. As you change and grow and evolve so does your perception and your capacity to hear and perceive things in different ways.

When you own these powerful sessions you have the ability to listen again and again. Each time you listen – whether it’s the next week or the next year – you will hear something new. You will be a different person when you listen and so you will hear things differently and hear different things. Every one of these Abundant Mystics will be sharing the profound and life-changing secrets have helped them create lives of personal prosperity while serving the highest good of all. And while these sessions will be fun, there will be very little “fluff.” They’ll be packed with the information, insights, processes, tools and techniques that will help YOU create a life of Personal Prosperity and do it while serving the highest good of all.

Trust that when you listen to these sessions now, you’ll hear and put into practice exactly what you need NOW. And that when you listen again, in a month or a year, you’ll hear new things and put into practice exactly what you need THEN! And you can listen again and again, each time learning something new and absorbing the potent, uplifting energy in a new way. Enjoy the series.

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