Warm Email Prospecting by Ed Gandia

The pdf’s are labeled Warm-Email Prospecting: How to Land Clients Faster With Short and Inviting Email Messages and the videos are labeled Effective Email Prospecting for Freelancers Who Hate Cold Calling. So it looks like there is some rebranding is going on. In any event this is a very thoughtful and systematic way of creating a system to get leads and develop email campaigns to market to them. Check out the module list below for an idea of what’s covered. Very comprehensive and well worth your time. Magic Shrink Ray™ saved about 50%.

From the Introduction:
Hello, everyone! This Ed Gandia, and welcome to Warm-Email Prospecting: How to Land Clients Faster With Short and Inviting Email Messages.

In this program you?re going to learn one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways to attract and land high-quality clients… without the unpleasantness of cold calling… or the costs and time requirements involved with most traditional marketing tactics.
In fact, email prospecting, the way I do it, bypasses the three biggest reasons so many self-employed professionals hate marketing:

1. The fear of rejection
2. The time it takes to market your services through traditional means
3. And what I call the “tool du jour” hype

00 – Introduction
01 – Define Your Value Statements
02a – Describe Your Ideal Client Profile
02b – Create a Targeted List
02c – Seven Great Ways to Find Names
02d – Find Prospect Names Quickly with LinkedIn
02e – Filter Your List to Find the Highest-Probability Names
03a – Meaningful Connections
03b – Find and Leverage Them
03c – Strategy in Action – Trigger Events and Jigsaw
03d – Google Alerts
03e – More Trigger Event Ideas
04a – Make a Quick Relevant Pitch
04b – 9 Email Prospecting Tips
04c – Emails You Dont Want to Write
04d – More Sample Email Scripts
04e – Integrating Social Media
05 – Prepare for Conversation
06 – Smart Followup Strategy
07 – Launch Email Technique
08 – Bonus – 51 Powerful Subject Line Ideas for Warm Emails
09 – Bonus – Coaching Calls
10 – Bonus – How to Email Important People
11 – Bonus – Quality Client Machine

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