Eben Pagan & Wyatt Woodsmall- Advanced Learning and Teaching Technologies
How to learn faster, teach better and train like a professional.
In this powerful 5-day training youll learn:
A new way to learn that dramatically increases your ability to remember and recall anything you read, hear, or see
How to learn faster – so you dont waste time re-reading the same book, re-listening to the same audio, or having to review your notes over and over and over
A special learning technique that will allow you to remember 400-500% more of everything you study – so you can call up information much better after you learn it
How to teach in a way that guarantees your students learn FAST
The 4 levels of learning – and how to combine them in a special way that allows you to learn more, learn faster, and ACT on what you learn long-term
Did you know that memorization is the LEAST important part of learning Use these 3 secrets to turbo-charge your learning speed – even if youre forgetful
The deadly mistake 99% of people make when trying to learn something new (Surprisingly, the smarter you are, the more likely you make this mistake even a degree from Harvard wont help you – but in this program, youll learn how to avoid it)
FOR PARENTS: Heres how you can give your children a huge advantage in the classroom – and teach them learning skills that virtually guarantee theyll make more money and be more successful in their adult lives
The secret a French teacher used to walk into a class of underprivileged students after the Los Angeles riots – and in 3 days completely turn the students around, made them excited to learn, had them begging to come to class during lunch and after school and got every one of these inner-city youth proficient in FRENCH – all this in just 3 days (and how you can model the process this master teacher used to share your expertise with the world in a way that makes it EASY and FUN to learn from you)
Why traditional learning systems kill the self-esteem of CHILDREN – and what you can do to protect your own kids
alert – The biggest obstacle to you becoming a master at anything is what you think you know thats not so. Heres how to identify and overcome this barrier to your learning and success and put you on the path to becoming a world-class master in your area of expertise
The Transfer Problem – Knowing how to do something is not the same as UNDERSTANDING the deeper principles at work. In this program, youll learn a simple technique that solves this problem and will help you learn AND teach much better
Why you cant remember the things you want to – and a simple step-by-step method to remember anything you want – for the rest of your life
In any seminar, the top 5% of students can recall 300% more information than everyone else. Heres how to make sure you are in this elite group of learners
Theres a special time when you must repeat back to yourself what youre learning, or youre likely to lose the information forever. If you do this at the right time, you and your students will remember ideas for a lifetime. Heres EXACTLY when this special moment happens
The 4 different levels of the Learning Ladder – and why they are the keys to learning on auto-pilot
How to organize what you want to teach around the 4 ways people learn and MAXIMIZE how quickly others get your ideas
One of the most important things I have ever learned from Wyatt is summed up as True Learning = Behavior Change. Heres exactly what Wyatt means by this simple phrase – why its the key to helping your students get the results they want
Simple memory tricks to help you memorize whatever you want, in any situation
How to train from the ultimate place – on STAGE in front of a LIVE audience – so your customers have a wow experience every time (and will trip over themselves to give you testimonials afterwards)
How to handle questions from your audience like a pro (and even how to do crowd control and keep your cool with rowdy audience members)
An in-depth session on how to use your face, voice, gestures and body language from the platform for maximum impact (and how to turn your fears of public speaking into DEEP RELAXATION in front of any audience)
How to learn your content so cold that you can focus 100% on your delivery and your audience (this is one secret of master trainers – if you want to make a lasting impact on your audience, you need to know this)
The secret to using stage anchors to connect parts of your presentation to certain parts of the stage (HINT – this is a secret to training both the conscious and UN-conscious parts of your audience – and to keeping them totally engaged in your presentation)
How to save MASSIVE time when you design your presentations by using story-boarding
Are you a visual learner Heres how to use Mind Maps when you take notes to SIGNIFICANTLY improve your learning speed (and create pictures in your head of what you learn that youll NEVER forget)
# Session 01 – How To Learn & Teach
# Session 02 – The Dis-Educational System
# Session 03 – The Learning Hierarchy
# Session 04 – Memory Secrets
# Session 05 – How To Use Association
# Session 06 – The Four Enemies Of Change
# Session 07 – The Four Learning Quadrants & styles
# Session 08 – How To Read A Book In 30 Minutes or Less
# Session 09 – Learn To Speak A Language In 5 Days
# Session 10 – How To Write A Book In 12 Hours
# Session 11 – Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
# Session 12 – Secrets Of Being A Motivational Speaker
# Session 13 – Human Motivation Formulas
# Session 14 – How To Tell People What To Do
# Session 15 – Neuro-Plasticity
# Session 16 – Stop Setting Goals
# Session 17 – The How Quadrant
# Session 18 – How To Coach For Top Performance
# Session 19 – How to Lock In Learned Behavior
# Session 20 – Your Personal Productivity Formula
# Session 21 – The 3 Levels Of Learning
# Session 22 – Body Care

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