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This course came as a bonus ONLY for the buyers of the “Get Ignition” Training Program. It went over 13 weeks total, and the content in there is just crazy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced, in your business OR in your LIFE, this training is for you. Eben talks about his 15+ years in internet marketing arena, and more specifically how he ACQUIRED through mistakes, pain and effort his WEALTH, mentally, financially, and business-wise.
This is really the most outstanding content I’ve ever happened to learn from, and believe me when I say it’s not just full of good thinking, it will CHANGE your paradigm about wealth and money.
“You’re about to embark on a journey to learning how to create WEALTH for yourself in your life. After investing many, many years trying to figure out what separates people who are “self-made” and highly-successful from those who are unsuccessful in life, I believe that I’ve found a “path” that I and others can follow.

With that in mind, I’ve created Self-Made WEALTH.

Inside this program, I’m going to challenge you to examine your limiting beliefs and experiences… your emotional relationship with money… your feelings toward people who are successful… and your daily actions and habits with money.
We’re going to really “dig in” and find those blocks to your success, and replace them with a foundation of healthy and productive mindsets, emotions, and habits… that will help to “automatically” create the kind of personal and financial success that you want in life.

To get started, watch the Introduction video (which is intense and in-depth, so plan to give it your attention!), then watch the first Fast-Start video, and do the first exercise.
Tomorrow, come back to watch your second Fast-Start video and do your second exercise. You’ll do one every day this week.
Next week, you’ll start the actual “training program” – and from then on, you’ll watch one video per week, and do one exercise. It should take you about an hour per week from then on.

At the end of this next 13 weeks, you’re going to have an amazing set of mindsets and tools that has taken me many, many years to discover, test, refine, and organize into this system for you.

Enjoy it, and let me know what you think!”

Here is the content…

0 – Introduction Video


FAST START 1 – Changing How You Think About Financial Challenges

FAST START 2 – Your Story About Money

In this session, we’re going to “dig in” and uncover some of your early experiences, impressions, and conversations about money and wealth. Watch the first couple of minutes of the video, do the exercise, and then watch the end of the video after you’ve finished your exercise!

FAST START 3 – Your FEELINGS About Wealthy People

In this exercise, you’re going to examine your unconscious feelings toward successful and wealthy people. Be HONEST with yourself in this exercise. The more honest you are, the more value you’ll get. Watch the short video now and then do this valuable exercise.

FAST START – What Would You Do If You Had $1 Million In Cash

I think you’ll enjoy this exercise, because you’re going to learn something VERY important about psychology and behavior – and you’ll also learn a lesson that will help you build wealth long-term in your life. Watch the short video, and do the exercise now!

FAST START 5 – What’s Stopping Or Preventing You From Becoming Wealthy

This is one of the most important exercises that we’re going to do in the Self-Made WEALTH program. Watch the video, and do the exercise… and MAKE SURE you watch the end of the video when you’re finished!


WEEK 1 – Becoming A Financial Adult

In this session, you’re going to learn how we’ve gotten into such a difficult financial situation – and the first ACTION steps to take to get on the path to WEALTH. Watch the video, do the exercise, and make sure to leave a comment below with your realizations and feedback!

WEEK 2 – Creating A Wealth Game That You Can Win

In this session, we’re going to examine your “model of reality” – and then do a set of exercises that will help you actually CREATE a new reality for yourself – where you can WIN the money game. Make sure to leave a comment below after you watch the video to share what you learned!

WEEK 3 – Taking Control of Your Self-Image

In this session, we’re going to learn how our self-image affects our financial success – and how to take CONTROL of our self image so we see ourselves as CREATORS of wealth. Leave a comment when you’ve finished this session to share what you learned.

WEEK 4 – The Beliefs Of Wealth – Using Your Mind To Change Your Mind

Your beliefs are the “filter” between you and the “real world.” The affect how you perceive the world, make meaning out of your experiences, made decisions, and act. In this session, we’re going to do some powerful “belief work” to “reframe” your limiting beliefs – and install a set of EMPOWERING beliefs that will support your value-creation and wealth-creation focus.

WEEK 5 – The Psychology Of Wealth Prevention

We’re beginning to transition from the “mental realm” of wealth creation to the “emotional realm.” In this session, we’re going to discuss a key “bridge” between these two aspects of ourselves – and we’re going to learn how a few of our key psychological and emotional systems prevent us from becoming wealthy (and what to do about it). This session contains an important exercise at the end, so watch it all the way through, then leave a comment when you’re finished discussing what you learned.

WEEK 6 – FEAR – The Ultimate Emotional Block To Creating Wealth

This week we’re going to confront the most powerful negative emotion: FEAR. In this session, we’re going to learn how the emotion of fear prevents us from creating wealth – and what to do about it. After you’ve watched the video, leave a comment below to share what you’ve learned from this session!

WEEK 7 – The Difference Between Wealth And Happiness – And How To Create Both

In this session, you’re going to learn how we create our own emotional and financial SUFFERING – and how to escape from this “vicious circle” of self-created pain… so you can accelerate the creation of wealth in your life. The exercises at the end of this session are CRUCIAL. Make sure you do both of them. And when you’re finished, paste your homework into the comments below so we can all share our insights and visions!

WEEK 8 – Inner Wealth Creation – And How Inner Wealth Creates Outer Wealth

In this session, you’re going to learn about how to create a very powerful “Inner Wealth” – that will serve as the long-term foundation for the creation of wealth in the “outside world.” This is the last “inner” session that we’re going to do before transitioning to the external game of wealth creation, so do the exercises at the end of this video as soon as you can, and post a comment below sharing what you learned as soon as you’re finished!

WEEK 9 – Stop Self-Sabotage – Why Habits Are The Key To Long-Term Financial Success

We’re now moving into the “physical” aspects of creating WEALTH – and this week we’re going to start out by learning about the actions and habits that prevent us from ever accumulating assets and creating wealth for ourselves. At the end of this session, you’re going to do two exercises. The first exercise will help you begin to eliminate debt and debt-thinking and the second exercise will walk you through the process of creating a habitual “Purchase Pause” – so you always give yourself time before spending money on unnecessary purchases in your future. Do the exercises, then leave a comment below sharing what you learned this week. And make sure you tune in next week, because we’re going to learn about a CORNERSTONE of wealth creation, which is VALUE creation. Talk to you then!

WEEK 10 – Creating Massive Value

In this session, you’re going to learn some of the most important mindsets, strategies and techniques for creating MASSIVE value for others. Make sure to do the two exercises at the end of this training, then leave a comment below to share your biggest insights and learnings from this session!

WEEK 11 – Accumulate Personal Assets

In this session, you’re going to learn how the process of accumulating assets fits into your overall plan of creating Self-Made WEALTH. You’re going to learn about the history of money, different types of assets, and how to make sure that you accumulate them in your life. After you’ve finished the video, make sure to leave a comment below sharing your biggest insights!

WEEK 12 – Build Long-Term WEALTH

In this session, you’re going to learn the final set of critical mindsets and practices for building long-term WEALTH. Make sure to do the exercises at the end. These are the most important exercises of the program. After you’re finished watching the video, please leave a summary of your insights and learnings from the Self-Made WEALTH program!

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