Eben Pagan - Seeds of Your Success Habits and conditions
In this program we’re going to discover the “Seeds of Your Success” – the small elements, actions and conditions that you can put in place that add up to big success in the long run.

These Seeds Of Success, when planted and nurtured, lead to massive success in every key area of life – health and happiness, money and wealth, love and relationships, learning and fulfillment, and ultimately to giving back and contributing to others and the world.

You’ll notice that this program is broken up into 30 days. We’ve done that to give you a structure to follow. Listen to one section a day for the next 30 days, and at the end of the program you’ll be well on your way to “sowing” these seeds of success and “reaping’ the benefits in your every day life.

Again, welcome to the program!

Day 1: Introduction
In this session you’ll learn Eben’s life story of rags to riches, how much difference money really plays in your happiness, the true causes of success, and much more?

Day 2: Hacking Human Success
In this session you’ll learn how the modern world controls our mind, how to get back control by “hacking” our own brain, and why Pre-Acting is one of the most powerful things you can do to create your own Success.

Day 3: Making Your Success Inevitable
In this session you’ll learn how to align your natural drives to create success, how to make success inevitable, and how to identify the drives that keep us from the success we truly deserve.

Day 4: Creating Your First Leverage Ritual
To create success in your life, one of the most powerful things you can do is to create “habits” that pull you toward success without effort. In this session you’ll learn how to take control of the power of habits, the hardest part about starting a new habit, and how long you must repeat a behavior before it becomes habitual and takes on a life of its own.

Day 5: How to Energize Your Life and Benefit from Stress
In this session you’ll learn how to use your own Ultradian rhythm to reduce your stress and boost your performance, why multitasking isn’t as productive as you think, special kinds of breaks during the day that will energize you, and much more?

Day 6: Your Foundation of Physical Health
Your physical health is the foundation for your emotions and your higher thinking. In this session you’ll learn why we like sweet, salty, and fatty foods? the 3 “time frames” of food and how to leverage them for your health? the recipe for my own green protein shake.

Day 7: Moving Your Body Consciously
In this session you’ll learn why not exercising can literally make you depressed, why I stand while I work, how to breath the way our bodies were meant to (most people do the OPPOSITE), and much more?

Day 8: Consciously Creating Emotions
Emotions are just feelings – they are some of the most powerful and addictive chemicals in the universe. In this session you’ll learn how to become more aware of the emotions you feel every day, why emotions aren’t your enemy, and how to feel positive emotions whenever you want.

Day 9: Master Fear, Anxiety and Worry
In this session we tackle the emotion of Fear. You’ll learn why it’s hard to make good decisions when you’re afraid, how Fear gets in the way of our success, 4 specific action steps to make friends with Fear.

Day 10: Encouraging Yourself from the Inside
One of the biggest leverage points for success is to take control of how we speak to ourselves. In this session you’ll learn EXACTLY how to do this so you are empowered you to move confidently toward success.

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