Eben Pagan - Making Money As A Modern Guru

This is a fantastic summary of some of the most important concepts that I teach in my $5,000 – $12,000 Guru MasterMind program.

Session 1 – 1 hr 06 min
In this series you’ll learn:
A proven step-by-step process to take what you already know and create your own money- making products and services (that you can sell from home)
How to market your products and services using the power of the internet
How to make your advice 2-10 times more valuable by using simple formulas and frameworks
How to build relationships with partners and places that can give you “traffic” to your website
and much more…

Session 2 – 1 hr
The 3 pillars of making money with an information and advice product business.
The 3 pillars are:

Session 3 – 52 min
How to take what you know and turn it into “methods” that make people want to buy from you
A simple yet powerful technique you can use to make your information and advice a lot more valuable (both for your customer and YOU)
How to formulate your ideas in a way that is easily understood by your prospects – and gives you an advantage over competitors selling similar information
How to combine your ideas together into products that sell themselves
How to identify outstanding product opportunities
How to connect with your prospects and build relationships with them
How to come up with new ideas and advice quickly
and how to deal with writers block and resistance

Session 4 – 1 hr
3 Pillars Of Management
Time Management
People Management
Business Management

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