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Eben Pagan: Ignition (another smashingly successful digital product)
October 12, 2015
Let’s talk: Eben Pagan’s Ignition digital product…
Do you have a startup business opportunity and you don’t have a clue about how to get it off the ground?
Got an opportunity, it’s already going, but you’re afraid you’re going to mess it up really badly?
Ignition is a course for the online business leader who wants a personal training program.
One of those programs that is practical enough to work in every industry and with every niche.
Just think of it. If there really are principles at play, then wouldn’t the real principles be so fundamental that they would work in any situation. Well, not in any situation, but in any situation in which you want to have a profitable online business?
Absolutely. But, we’re talking real principles here. Not just good ideas that will work until the next Google algorithm update (like every 60 or so days!)
If you’re sick of those “gurus” whose stuff is so specifically designed as a “work around” to the current restrictions of the systems, then you’re going to crave Eben Pagan’s Ignition.
Sometimes you are not aware that the only reason a guru’s “money pix” of a screenshot of a paypal account has been tapped at all is because he’s running game on google. You buy the stuff and it’s good for about as long as a banana is yellow. Then, you’re floundering again, trying to find the next big thing.
Every shiny object turns you into a squirrel-crazed dog, you can’t stay the course and progress in your online business because you’re jumping on the next offer in your inbox like a dog chasing a squirrel when he really just want to get a drink of water from the water bowl.
Not to worry, Ignition is all about hearing the engine start and roar down the raceway like a Tesla Roadster at a tree huggers convention.
There are at least ten models that can produces a sustainable, continual online business income for you.
Rather than chasing ten squirrelly entrepreneur want-to-be’s, each who may or may not be around in the next quarter of the year, Ignition takes you straight down the runway of each business model for the sake of creating a sustainable business regardless if gorilla Google tries to steal your bananas for not.
Weaving together the sequential steps to a successful online business platform alongside videos and live events, this training intends to help you get started quickly and stay for the long run. Getting it setup with as little time as possible, Pagan wants you to be able to also run it with as little time taken away from family and friends as possible, all while making you money.
How Can You Be Certain It Will Work For You
The training program was constructed directly from hundreds of requests for solutions sent in by newbies in the online business industry. (By the way, that’s one of the sure fire ways taught in Ignition to develop a product that people already want to buy and to discover the very market that want it.)
These hundreds of newbies issued questions that mattered to them and that were focused on getting results they desperately desired.
All the input was arranged into three broad modules that compose the entire structure of the training program.
So, it’s a training program requested by hundreds of newbies about things that really matter to them and that they are willing to pay to learn.
Eben Pagan brings his own high standard for composing and delivering real solutions along with real time assistance.
Module One is a comprehensive and fast paced introduction to the basic fundamentals of conducting online business. As sure as bricks need mortar, there are certain building blocks on the internet that must be respected and understood no matter if you brand new or a veteran. These matters must be managed, because they are not going away. You simply must respect the environment and work accordingly. Plenty of newbies have failed to learn this quickly enough to survive the discouragement of trying to break laws as certain as the law of gravity. You don’t break the law of gravity. When you fall, it breaks you.
Module Two includes two days of live presentation. Pagan keeps things real. Where Module One is an introduction to the waters of online business, Module Two is a plunge straight into the lake.
This is the where the Ignition purchaser sees how the game is played ten different ways. It’s important to realize the same basics in Module One apply in all ten approaches. So, there are not ten different games to be played, there are clearly ten different ways to play the game.
You are encouraged to sample each of the ten, but select the full course on only one, and get the full richness of the meaty, successful business that comes from it.

Ready for the smorgasbord of models? They are:
1.     Making Money With Information Products
2.     Outsourcing For Money
3.     Membership Sites For A Membership Price
4.     There Are Riches In The Niches: Niche Marketing
5.     Earn Money Using Web 2.0 and Social Media
6.     Finding the Money in Search Engine Marketing
7.     Tele Seminars Bring Money
8.     Affiliates Can Fill Pockets
9.     Earning With Ebay
10.  General Business Models

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