Eben Pagan – Clear Communication

Here’s the description about the course:
Session 1: Communicating So Others Listen & Understand
In this program you’ll learn what communication is and why it matters, why it’s important to master communicating with words & body language, the different types of communication, and how to avoid miscommunication.

Session 2: Concepts, Strategies & Channels Of Communication
In session 2 you’ll learn concepts, strategies, and channels of communication. You’ll learn how to use words and thoughts to form concepts and how they work together to shape your reality. You’ll also do an exercise to help you communicate your goals to yourself and others.

Session 3: Clarifying Your Communication
In session 3 you’ll learn why clarity is the key to effective communication. You’ll understand why most communication is unsuccessful. And you’ll do an exercise to create the most specific and concrete versions of your goals.

Session 4: Communicating With Yourself
In session 4 you’ll learn why the most important communication is the communication with yourself. You’ l l  l ear n how t o s peak t o your s el f  t o boos t  s el f – es t eem and how t o cr eat e af f i r mat i ons  i n or der  t o communicate better with yourself.

Session 5: Communicating With Others
In session 5 you’re going to learn how to communicate with others. You’ll learn how power and mating drive much of our communication on an unconscious level and powerful techniques for communication. You’ll also be doing an exercise to build rapport with others.

Session 6: Communicating In Romantic Relationships
In session 6 you’ll learn how to communicate in your romantic relationship. You’ll learn how aggression and sex are tightly intertwined, and how masculine and feminine energy can create and maintain attraction between you and your partner.

Session 7: Clear Business Communication
In session 7 you’ll learn how to use communication in business and why it’s so important. You’ll learn a set of effective communication tools, the best ways to network, and an important exercise you can do to start applying these tools in your life.

Session 8: Communication As Your Product
In session 8 you’ll learn how to use communication as your product and as your profession.  You’ll also learn how information has become essential to society and how you can develop your own information product.

Session 9: Leadership Communication
In session 9 you’ll learn what leadership is and how communication supports it. You’ll also learn the key aspects of becoming a great leader as well as an important exercise to practice your leadership skills.

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