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How to Tell Your Story and Stand Out From the Crowd
As an entrepreneur and startup founder, what you say and how you say it matters.
How you tell your startup story is going to make the difference between whether someone hears your investor pitch and want to write a check, hear your Podcast interview and become inspired to work with your organization, read about your startup in, say, fast company magazine and immediately download your app, and/ or watch your YouTube video and invite you to speak at an important industry conference.
But you have a big problem: in 99.9% of the cases, you’re not going to move people to action. You’re not going to get them to download your app, invest in your startup, or come on board as a valued employee.
That’s because you’re just not good at telling your startup story. Hey, it’s not your fault, but it is your problem. See, if you don’t tell your startup story in a compelling way, you won’t be remembered. And if you’re not remembered, you won’t stand out and people won’t be compelled to tell a friend about your new cool website.
We know from research and from actual work in the field that a compelling story is what’s going to make your startup stand out. Just think, how come so many people know the origin stories of Instagram, Nest, Warby Parker, Toms Shoes, and AirBnB? Trust me, it’s not by accident. Yes, they are all great apps, companies, products and services, which is the starting point. But they also know how to tell their story. Besides, think of the number of great apps, products, and services you’ve never heard of, except by accident? The back story of the startup is what typically grabs our attention first. It’s not everything, but it’s a big something.
Well, this course will help you be remembered by helping you deliver a compelling startup story during interviews, on your about page, and in investor pitches. H
Here’s just a small sample of what you will learn:
You’re going to learn why certain stories move you and why most don’t.
You’re going to learn the five elements of a compelling story and how to sequence them.
You’re going to learn the difference between a regular story and a compelling story.
You’re going to learn how to take a Podcast, newspaper, blog, magazine, or television interview and turn it into a memorable encounter.
You’re going to learn when to use dialogue and when to use narration and why the difference matters big time.
You’re going to learn how to construct a powerful about page that causes people to read to the end and want to learn more.

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