Name Product: Dream Dropshipping – Online Empire Academy 2016
Market price: $997
Author: Dream Dropshipping
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Why Dropship and How to Get Started Quickly
Finding Ideas for Product
In this video we go through how to find your idea to that you can start seeking out vendors.
Contacting vendors after you found the idea you want to go for
In this video you’ll learn how to reach out to vendors for a particular product idea so that you can start profiting quickly.
Prior student shares the #1 secret to securing new vendors
Behind the scenes talk with a student on how they found their vendors and started making a profit quickly. He also shares the #1 thing people need to do in order to secure vendors consistently.
Dream Dropshipping Week 2 – Listing and More Vendor Stuff
Dream Dropshipping Week 3 – Advanced Listing and Some Automation
Dream Dropshipping Week 4 – Advanced Automation

All of this includes…
4 Intensive Module Dream Drop Shipping Training
Exclusive Step-by-Step Video Training
All of My templates I Use for Vendors and Customers
Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group
My automation checklists that let me sell products while I sleep every day.