Dr.Taz Tally - Scanning Techniques for Business and Home
In this course, photographer and graphics professional Taz Tally shows home and business users how to get the best results from their scanners. The course begins with a look at scanning essentials, including how to clean and care for a scanner, choose scanning software, and understanding concepts such as resolution and file format. Next, Taz uses the basic mode that most scanning software provides to show how to perform an array of common scanning jobs, from scanning photos and artwork to capturing text using optical character recognition. Three real-world projects are also included, which show the process of scanning something and then editing and sharing the results.
Topics include:

Caring for a scanner
Understanding pixels and resolution
Choosing scanning software
Scanning logos and line art
Scanning grayscale vs. color
Scanning for print
Converting documents to editable text with graphics
Scanning images for use on websites
Converting images and documents to PDFs
Emailing and faxing scanned images
Creating PDFs for OCR
Automating the scan process

Name Product: Dr.Taz Tally – Scanning Techniques for Business and Home 
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