Name Product: Dr. Scott Brown – Can $5,000 Grow into More Than $15 Million in Futures?
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Author: Dr. Dr. Scott Brown
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How to speculate in financial futures and commodities with modest capital – and contained minimal personal loss exposed.

If you are like most American’s, your road-map to retirement is a employer sponsored 401(k) with a paltry menu of poor mutual fund choices. The majority of Americans do not know how costly these plans really are.
As your situation stands now, over the next 20 years you will likely lose over $100,000 in administrative, asset management, and marketing fees to your 401(k) mutual fund providers.
When the stock market tanked in 2003 Stacey was stuck in company stock through her 401(k). She was locked in place by her employer’s ability to dictate the terms.
She lost 30% of her saved money according to the revealing documentary by PBS Frontline entitled, “The Retirement Gamble.”
She learned the truth. 401(k)s don’t work for the average person.
Have you been knocked back by the real estate market? Have you lost your dream job, retirement, and your home?
The Bestselling New York Times recognized financial classic “Market Wizards” Documents That Ed Seykota Did Just This [on page #158]!
SUBJECT: Introducing a Controlled Leverage Approach to Futures Risk!
Hello fellow Main Street investor,
You Have To Be Thinking… There Must Be a Better Way?!
I can’t tell you how many times I did the math.
I did it over and over again, because I just couldn’t believe the numbers that kept popping up —68%, 150%, 233%, even 488% profits!
So I referred back to the traders I had studied who developed these strategies; men like Stanley Kroll and Ed Seykota. I wanted to make sure that these numbers are right.
I concluded that if anything they were on the low side.
Here’s a fact: In all of my 23 years of investment experience, I have never seen more flexible possibilities in not just wealth building but also risk management.
This training has it all — big hits, fast runs, crazy yields, and solid long-term vision.
Then again, you could also lose every dime you put into the futures markets.
But here’s the kicker: You only invest a very small amount of your money. And that is only after you practice risk free in a simulated trading environment I have prepared especially for you.
Discover how to make small tests like oil wildcatters do. Never risk more than a tenth of your trading capital to step firmly on the road to total financial freedom.

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