Best for people who:
-Are interested in Daily 1RM training
-Want a scientific + practical approach
-Want practical information about Daily 1RMs
If you are interested in Daily 1RM training – from scientific underpinnings and theory all the way to practical implementation of a Daily 1RM model, you have to hear this presentation! Especially for those interested in trying a Daily 1RM program, watching this presentation will ensure that you go into it with both eyes open and that you don’t make some common mistakes.
Dr. Mike Zourdos is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University. He has a unique and extensive background in researching periodization and a host of other topics related to getting strong. He’s also a nationally competitive powerlifter and a coach of strength athletes from around the world.
Topics Include:
Scientific Rationale
“Strength is a Skill”
SAID Principle
Peaks-and-valleys of Daily 1RM training
Progression to Daily 1RM training
Implementation of Daily 1RM training

Name Product: [b]Dr. Mike Zourdos – Reactive Training Systems – Efficacy of Daily Maximal Training[/b]
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