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How To Use Scrum,Kanban, Extreme To Build Awesome Agile Teams
At the heart of any agile project lies an agile team. As Agile becomes the preferred project management approach for fast-moving projects you will need to know how to build and manage these types of teams. In this course, Geoff Emery, will use a sample project to show how to build your agile team. A team with an agile mindset is self-organized, collaborative, and accountable.
He also outlines the common pitfalls inherent in the implementation: new teams need to watch for confusing their roles and understand the challenges with managing self-organized groups.
In this course you will learn:
• How to get your organization ready for agile
• Prepare by laying the ground work for a successful agile project.
• The History of Agile and why we use it.
• How to Start the Agile Project
• How to Get Buy in from Executive Sponsors
• The Anatomy of an Agile Team
• Agile Team Roles
• How the Scrum Master Keeps the framework aligned?
• What the Product Owner does and how she maintains the focus of the team.
• How to get your team to self-organize
This course is a part of a series of Agile Courses I have done here on Udemy to help you and your team be successful with agile by covering all the essentials!
Whether you’re a project manager, a software developer, or a senior manager, this course is designed to help you get greater agility from your team buy becoming great with Agile Estimation.

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