Dr. Dan Ritchie – Functional Health Summit 2014
“Functional Health Summit
hosted by Dr. Dan Ritchie, Dr. Peter Osborne, and Dr. Cody Sipe
Over 31,000 People From Around The World Have
Benefited From This Summit… Will You Be Next?
Get Over 35 Hours of Life-Changing and Health Boosting
Content From 40 World Renowned Experts In Health,
Fitness, Nutrition and Medicine!

Access over 30 top experts in health, fitness, wellness, functional medicine, nutrition, chronic fatigue and more – all for free and from the comfort of your home! While this event will benefit fitness professionals, medical providers, chiropractors, dietitians and nutritionists, it’s been designed with you in mind. And now you can get full access to the Functional Health Summit collection of video, power point and podcast recordings.
We know events like this often cost over $1500 for a ticket including the cost of travel and hotel. We believe it is time to share the top experts knowledge with you for FREE and that’s why the Functional Health Summit was created.
Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get from the Summit…
– How to stay fit and lean after 50
– How to maintain your strength and muscle mass for decades
– How medications can impact your aging
– How to stay fit, lean and strong as a mom of young children
– How you can lose over 100 lbs and keep it off
– 5-7 minute exercise programs that give great results
– How to recover from injuries and return to physical activity
– How Gluten impacts your digestive tract
– How to lose weight without losing your mind
– The power of Positive thinking on your health
– How to manage ADHD
– How to improve blood sugars
– Plus many more…

Name Product: Dr. Dan Ritchie – Functional Health Summit 2014
Market price: $97
Author: Dr. Dan Ritchie
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