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“Discover the Simple Formula To Crafting World-Class Products That You Create Once And Repeatedly Sell Over And Over Again For Many Years To Come”

Dear Success Builder,
Now, more than ever, people in your market are actively searching for experts to help solve their problems.
And yet, most marketers are consistently promoting affiliate offers to their email lists.That’s not an expert in my accurate opinion.
Think about it. You build your email list. Create great emails that keep your subscribers engaged, but when you want them to buy a product: you send them to someone else.

In the beginning, most people on your email list won’t even think much about it.
But over time, they certainly know they can’t depend on you to give them the tools and necessary education to solve their burning needs. They go to the product creators for that stuff. And there you are, month after month, wondering why less and less people are opening your emails.
They may like you, even trust you, but one things for sure, they can’t rely on YOU to solve their problems.
They’re seeking out the experts, and avoiding the charlatans like the plague. The real question is: Are you a charlatan peddling other marketers junk products, or are you the go-to person that people can rely on to help them?
Really think about that one. It’s Important. After all, we’re in the problem solving business, aren’t we?

What’s Your Role?
It’s important you develop credibility in this business. You may be the most genuine, down-to-earth person there is, but if you’re not seen as a problem solver, you’ll struggle to create trust amongst your followers.
Besides, isn’t the whole point of setting up and running a successful Internet business all about providing as much value to your market as you can?
It is, but it becomes a very difficult task to achieve that goal, if all you ever do is regurgitate other people’s stuff. That’s what affiliate marketers really are.
I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be affiliated with other people’s products. On the contrary. I do it myself, but after a while, people are going to question whether or not you have the expertise to be giving out any advice at all. It’s just common sense.
Be honest: Would you trust a person who keeps sending you advice on how to make money… or solve problems… if they’ve never created and sold their own products?
You might say that you would, but how many people would say the same?

Not many.
Besides, with fierce competition out there today, standing apart from your competitors require that you’re perceived as “at least” a competent marketer. And what’s the absolute best way to be considered an expert?
You guessed it. It’s by creating and selling your own products that solve problems in your marketplace.
How To Take Your Business To The Next Level
There’s really only one way to take your business to the next level, and that, of course, is to create and sell your own products.
You can make money here and there by selling other people’s products, but who pockets most of the cash?

The product creator of course.
Who builds the customer list?
Yep, the product creator.
And who does all the bloody grunt work?
Doesn’t seem like a great approach to building a successful Internet business, does it?
If you want to be seen as the expert in your market, you MUST create and sell your own products that solve problems in your market.
If you want to build trust and credibility, again, you MUST create and sell your own products.
If you want to build a customer list that’s infinitely more valuable than a freebie seeking list, you MUST create and sell your own products.
If you want to pocket 100% of the profits from the sale of a product, you MUST be the person who creates and sells that product.
And… if you truly want to take your business to the next level and put it on steroids, you obviously MUST create and sell your own products…period!

Product Creation Is Easy
Most people think this product creation stuff is difficult. It’s not. Not by a long shot. In fact, creating first-class products is dead simple once you know how to do it correctly.
NOTE: Anyone can create a crap product. Just take a trip over to the Warrior Forum and you’ll see a barrage of low-quality junk products. BUT, that’s not a business model you want to replicate.
You see, the way to win this Internet marketing game is to not only create and sell products. To win, you have to create and sell ONLY high quality products that give MASSIVE value, establishes YOU as the EXPERT – and has people coming back to buy from you over and over gain.
That’s the real key to creating a successful Internet business that pays you month after month like clockwork.
Unfortunately, most folk out here haven’t a clue how to create high quality products.
But I do – and when you let me in to show you EXACTLY how to do this with ease… YOU will too.

What You’ll Discover Inside F.C.P.C.S
How to replicate million dollar products that require absolutely no upfront knowledge (this may seem like a far reach, but believe me when I tell you: some of the most successful products are actually the easiest one’s to create)
Why most product creators fail to get repeat business from their already existing customers – and how you will NEVER have to deal with this problem yourself (believe it or not, the most money made on Information products is from selling multiple products to the same customers)
The NO-NONSENSE way to research what products are already selling like hot-cakes in your market – and how to find your unique hook to tap into an already existing money spending buyer marketplace (why huff-and-puff looking for new ways to invent the wheel, when all the hard work has been done already?)
How you can create a high value product in less than an hour that’s perceived as a much higher quality product than most eBooks (seriously, it constantly amazes me how many people don’t do this)
The ONLY way to structure and outline a first-class product that actually forces your customer to take action and get a result from your product (remember, if they don’t take action with your content, they won’t buy from you again and you’ll lose a lot of money because of it)
Why it’s a MYTH that you have to focus on a narrow niche when creating an information product (marketers have done a great disservice by perpetuating this lie)
How nearly all product creators over-complicate the process when creating products – and why it downgrades the quality of their content
The simple 6 step process to researching, creating and distributing your products that sell for triple the price of an eBook that take longer to create (eBooks are great, but they are the least valued products and much, much harder to create than the one I’m talking about here)
How to not only create all types of products, but also how to design and edit your products for maximum leverage And much more, including bonuses