Name Product:  Debi and Dr. Rob – Creative Wealth & Abundance
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It is time to make money doing the work you LOVE!
that you can:
grow your income in your small business, enjoying the flow v. fearing the end of month bills
leave your corporate job and make great wealth
get the promotion that you desire and continue to succeed in your career
discover your true purpose and know how to use money to serve that purpose (not the other way around)
understand your true divine nature is unlimited, abundant and creative
Creative Wealth & Abundance – Virtual Program

You Get:
5 Pre-Recorded Training Modules
1 Bonus Pre-Recorded FAQ Call
BONUS: 4 MP3 Visualization Set
ONE LIVE Q&A Call with Debi & Dr. Rob

Live Program is over, but replays are now available!
Stop letting money control your life.
You may feel like there is no way you can leave your corporate job to pursue your dreams because of fears of poverty and losing your lifestyle. You are just getting by paying the bills every month and wonder why you can never get ahead. You put off vacations, extra spending and little luxuries because you are afraid of that dreaded “rainy day.” Money has held you hostage. It rules your decisions and one financial set-back or unexpected expense can ruin your day.
You work hard to make just enough money.
You are smart and educated and think that maybe you need a good financial plan or work overtime or get a second job to catch up on your debts. No matter how good your plans are, you get passed up for the raise or promotion or your company downsizes and you get laid off. Even if the abundance is flowing, there is always overtime and stress that prevents you from focusing on your personal life. You yearn for something more but it feels like you are trapped. Maybe you started your own side-business part-time and want to do it full-time. You can’t seem to make enough to support your current lifestyle but you really want to leave the 9-5 behind. You have a dream but you are too scared to leave that steady paycheck to step out on your own. Your money worries keep waiting for a miracle to happen to give you a sign to finally be free to do the work you love.
Debi’s Story
Hi, I am Debi Berndt, the Co-founder of Creative Love. There was a time when my only goal was to become a wife and mother. I really had no desire to have a career. As the years passed without my husband showing up, I fell into a marketing job at big-name entertainment company. It was fun for a while, but I sought something more. Over the years of my self-discovery process, I reawakened my dream of becoming a writer. My plan was make my dreams come true, but I was unclear of what I wanted to do to support my writing. My fear was that I would starve doing what I loved. I had no idea about the power of creating wealth from within. So, I stayed in the corporate world for another ten years. Each time I tried to leave to pursue something on my own, I got a raise or new job opportunity and was seduced back into the corporate world. Then one lucky day I was laid off and I knew it was MY TIME.

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