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Easiest Beginners Course on Statistics for Newbies! Perfect for university and college levels!
Want to master the Basics of Hypothesis Testing? This course is carefully designed for students who are struggling with Statistics, for those who are not quantitatively inclined, and complete beginners (newbies!) in Statistics.
After completing this course, you will have a complete understanding of Hypothesis Testing for population means and will be able to easily answer exam-style questions. I teach using intuitive step-by-step explanations and assume students have absolutely no background in Statistics.
In this course, I provide exam-style questions you would expect at the college and university level so you can immediately apply the concepts you’ve been taught. I then provide a video lecture of me working through the questions step-by-step so you can fully understand how to approach and complete them on your own. Practice exam-style questions are the key to acing your exams!
No prior knowledge in Statistics is required. We start from scratch! Let me know you how bowling with your friend, Sam, teaches us the principles of Hypothesis Testing! It’s so easy!
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 57 lectures and 4 hours of content!
A complete and thorough understanding of the concepts of Hypothesis Testing, such as null and alternate hypotheses, standard errors, Type 1 and 2 errors, etc.
The ability to easily answer Hypothesis Testing exam-style questions for a single population mean
The ability to apply your understanding of inference testing to everyday problems
A dramatic improvement in academic performance for your Statistics course

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