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David Siteman Garland – Create Awesome Webinars
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Finally, a PROVEN A-to-Z step-by-freakin-step system to create awesome webinars that sell (without being sketchy)

Introducing Create Awesome Webinars… the most kick-butt webinar blueprint ever

Tell me more!

The story behind Create Awesome Webinars (It all started with one presentation)

Craziest webinar story ever?

About two years ago-ish I was planning a big webinar that would teach about creating online courses and, of course, at the end sell my Create Awesome Online Courses program.

All normal in the day of a mediapreneur, right?

Anyway…a strange thing happened 48 hours before the webinar.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.47.37 AMA new buddy of mine (who I met through a mutual friend), John Richardson, contacted me pretty much out of the blue. Here is how the convo went:

(picture a funny Irish accent when John is talking below)

John: “David, mate. It’s John. You have a webinar in 48 hours, right?”

David: “Um, yah.”

John: “Great! How do your webinars normally do? Do you make lots of sales?”

David: “Well, honestly…it can be hit or miss. Sometimes a lot of sales. Sometimes not so much. I do always get good feedback (people loving the content) but sometimes that doesn’t translate to sales. I feel as though I occasionally give too much away and not sure how strong my pitch is.”

John: “Ahhhhhh! I totally get it. I used to have the same issues. Inconsistency, giving too much away, not sure if I was going to make sales. But, I learned a format that WORKS. Not only will the audience love the free content and get great training, but they will also buy (many, many, more).”

David: “Yah, that does sounds similar situation.”

John: “And the crazy thing is this format of doing your webinars is definitely replicable. I’ve used it for all kinds of stuff from golf training to a coffee shop training product. One of my webinars make 6 figures on autopilot. I can show you how to do it.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.47.07 AMDavid: “Like…now? I have the freakin’ webinar in 48 hours!”

John: “Yes, now. C’mon let’s do it. It will work.”

So, then John, on the spot, taught me exactly what to do. We are talking STEP BY FREAKIN’ STEP here. He showed me his webinar that makes the most sales and exactly why it makes so much bling and how I could copy the format.

And, like a crazy person, I redid my presentation (48 hours before, hah) and followed along exactly what he taught me.

Even though, honestly, I was skeptical on some of it but I followed every word of what he said (just goes to show you…trust the teacher).

Guess what happened?

My sales DOUBLED (actually almost freakin’ tripled) from my previous webinars. I ended up selling $38,336 worth of programs on a small webinar.

Then I put it to use again rand brought in an additional $121,724.00.

Yes, seriously.

Because I couldn’t keep this to myself and I have a big mouth, I taught some of John’s strategies he taught me at a Mastermind I was at recently in California.

James Wedmore (y’all know him, right?) did exactly what I did and re-wrote his presentation he was giving THE NEXT DAY (made my 48 hours look like amateur hour).

And then I got this text from him:

“Duddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it totally worked. My webinar conversion % went from 6.1% to to 13.2! Over double. Thanks so much!!!”

In a nutshell, James sold way more stuff, too :)

So, I reached out to John and asked (ahem…begged) if he would teach this exact step-by-step system for doing webinars that sell for you because this is SUCH an important strategy that you can use over and over again.

It doesn’t matter if you have done lots of webinars or are looking to do your first one (or if you have a product or not), bottom line is John’s system gets results.

And this system can make you money for years as it is something you can do over and over and over again.

The good news?

He said yes (picture an Irishman yelling “I’ll do it!).

But…there is also much more to a webinar than having a crazy amazing presentation that converts (even though, duh, that is super important).

You might be thinking…

How do I get folks to sign up for my webinar?

How do I come up with the perfect title that gets peeps super excited to sign up?

How do I handle the tech? What is the easiest way to setup everything and present?

When I get folks to sign up, how do I convince them to actually SHOW UP? (if you have a perfect presentation and nobody sees it…um that’s not good!)

What about follow up? What do I do? Do I offer a replay? How long should I keep it up? What emails should I send out?

And that my friend is how Create Awesome Webinars was born.

Create Awesome Webinars_Full Color-2

You are getting our complete proven, step-by-step A-Z system to create webinars that sell based on EXACTLY what John and I have done to generate over $2,000,000 in sales via webinars.

John and I have spent the last 2.5 years creating a killer formula that now you will be able to copy 100%.

Everything from setting up your webinar to how to get folks registered to secrets to getting folks to show up to exactly how to structure your presentation slide-by-slide to how to follow up like a boss so the sales continue (and everything in-between).

Create Awesome Webinars is all about getting you results regardless if you have NEVER done a webinar before, you are a seasoned pro looking to improve or somewhere in-between…and holy sweet potatoes check out these results:



bryan cohen

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.45.55 PM   renae

Here is what you will learn inside of Create Awesome Webinars (Step-by-freakin-step):

The Foundation: The Perfect Webinar Topic & Title
  • Setting your webinar goal
  • How to figure out the PERFECT title for your webinar
  • Proven copy-and-paste formula so you have a sexy, high-converting title.
Setting It All Up (Get Your Pages Done, Yo!)
  • Setting up your webinar & first email to registrants
  • Rocking your registration page (and what to include on the page to maximize registrations)
  • Your thank you page (and a little trick you will thank me for ?
Blowing Up Registrations Like Woah
  • How early to start promoting your webinar to maximize registrations
  • The email “ramp up method”
  • The exact FB ads strategy for webinars (taught by my personal FB ads all star)
Get ‘Em To Show Up
  • How to double to your show up rate
  • The “RECC” formula to make sure people are changing their schedules to attend your webinar live
  • The trickiest question you will receive and how to answer it
The Most Kick-Butt Webinar Blueprint Ever
  • 7-step PROVEN format to create your presentation so you can educate and sell like a rockstar (without being sleazy).
  • Exactly how to structure your presentation
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Slides
  • Where to send people during your pitch to maximize sales (this has changed!)
  • How to pitch & make an offer…even if you don’t have a product yet
  • The LAST THING you want to say on your webinar before you sign off (some secret sauce)
Delivering Your Webinar Like A Rockstar
  • Webinar “Night Before” & “Game Day” Checklist
  • LIVE Demo!
  • Handling Q&A (and all the little details)
The Follow Up
  • Exact follow-up formula to maximize sales
  • The last day bonus method
  • Post-webinar checklist (put it to bed, baby!)

How about some yummy bonuses to make this all even easier + some advanced moves once you have webinars mastered? (um, yes of course you want these bonuses)

  • #1
    BONUS: 7-Figure Webinar Swipe Files (my email sequences, fill-in-the-blanks and more)

    Swipe city! This single webinar email sequence has generated over 7-figures in sales. Complete copies of the entire email campaign so you can model it.

  • #2
    BONUS: JV webinars. How to be an epic host and also how to create amazing partnerships

    Want other people to promote your products and programs? Welcome to the wonderful world of joint venture webinars. In this bonus, I walk you through exactly how to create amazing JV webinars (both for your products and hosting webinars for other people’s products and programs).

  • #3
    BONUS: Not My First Rodeo FAQS: Best day for a webinar? How many sales is “Good”? How often should I do webinars?

    Think of this as the magical answer to all of your questions. A constantly updated Q&A bank. I’ve been doing webinars for years and know the key questions that might come up. The answers are in this bonus.

  • #4
    BONUS: Private Create Awesome Webinars Facebook Community

    No need to go at it alone! The Create Awesome Webinars Facebook Community is JUST for Create Awesome Webinars students. Networking, support, feedback and more. You will get exclusive access with your enrollment.

Who is Create Awesome Webinars for?

You’ve never done a webinar before and want to do it RIGHT (not waste years and tons of money on trial and error)

You’ve done webinars before but really want to up your webinar game

You’re looking to sell more of your products and programs (duh!)

You don’t have your own product/programs YET but want to use webinars to make an offer before your product/program is created (totally for you)

Create Awesome Webinars is the complete, proven, step-by-step A-to-Z system to create webinars that sell

Enroll Now!

What are the next steps and how much does it cost?

Create Awesome Webinars could easily sell for over $5,000 and it would be more than worth it. Why? Because just learning these strategies can help you create income for years and years and years. Once you understand the secret sauce and the strategies, you can do this over and over and over again. This course can literally change your business. And I could easily charge several thousand dollars for it (and it would be more than worth it) but I want make this accessible and affordable for you (because it is SUCH an important topic) so enrollment is just 12 payments of $97. You can also pay in full (and save $167) for $997.

With your enrollment you get instant, lifetime access and you get the ENTIRE COURSE + all the bonuses right away. I know prettttttttyyyyyy amazing. Meaning, you can Netflix binge and watch everything right away (no annoying waiting weeks for the entire course to be “dripped” to you). Go at your own pace and on your own schedule. Everything is digital, downloadable and ready to go for you.

30 DAY guarantee! BOOM!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: I stand behind all my trainings and this one is no exception. I know if you put what you learn to use, awesomeness will ensue. If you are unhappy for any reason, we have a full 30-day money back guarantee. Totally risk-free. The risk is on us :)


Do you have to have a product (i.e. course?)
Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?
Can I download the videos and all the other cool stuff?
Do I get lifetime access?
Do I have to use specific software you recommend in the course?
Is Create Awesome Webinars really step-by-step?
I have a question, who should I ask?

David Siteman Garland – Create Awesome Webinars
Price:  $97
You Just Pay: $97    
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