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Dear Friend,
Imagine having an extra $10,000 a month coming into your home month in and month out.
That’s ten thousand dollars dropping into your bank account whether or not you decide to get out of bed in the morning, whether or not you decide spend all day at the shopping mall or decide to play 36 holes of golf instead of 18!Like clockwork, month in and month out, that money still comes in! This is ecstasy!
Now imagine what you would do with that money. Would you buy a bigger home, a better car, travel around the world…. or take care of a loved one who is struggling? That’s what the money has done from me!
$10,000 a Month in Less Than 14 Months
From buying and holding small apartment houses on a part time basis I developed a system that allowed me to create a $10,000 a month passive income in less than 14 months with out getting a single call from a tenant! And I’ll to teach you how to do it too!
Does 14 months seem like along time? Well I made an additional $10,000 – $20,000 a month selling the apartment houses that I didn’t keep right from the start, and I’ll teach you how to do that too!

Why Would A Group Of People Get Together To Pay My Mortgage, My Maintenance
And Give Me Money To Fatten My Bank Account Each Month?
They’re called residents or tenants.
You see I’ve always been interested in apartment houses. I like the idea that a group of people will get together (the residents) and pay my mortgage, pay for all the maintenance to keep the property looking good and to give me extra money at the end of the month to either put in the bank or to go out and have a good time with!
Seven years ago I was a struggling landscaper. I wanted a better life but could not seem to get my act together. I tried all of the get rich quick schemes I saw on late night television.
I tried and tried to make them work but it just wasn’t happening. Then one day I saw a biography about a guy in New York city who started with nothing and made a fortune buying, selling and holding apartment houses.

Simple Man Makes Fortune Buying,
Selling And Holding Apartment Houses
I decided that was what I was going to do. So I went to the bookstore and bought every book I could on buying apartments. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many.
Oh, there were plenty on how to buy and sell single family houses and I learned how to do that along the way but I wanted the big bucks!
You see, I soon learned that buying and selling single family houses will make you money but buying, selling and holding apartment houses will make you filthy, stinking, rich!
I decided I wanted to be filthy, stinking rich so I started learning everything I could about real estate investing. As I started to apply what I learned, my life started to change…for the better.
I bought my first 3 unit apartment house with a positive cash flow of $972/month with no money down (I’ll tell you more about that later)! My yearly income zoomed from zero to $11,664, almost overnight!
I can’t tell you how scared I was to buy that first building! You see, my father always told me that real estate was a scam, that there was no way that little ole’ me could make any money and that if I even tried, my life was heading for serious trouble.
He filled my head with all kinds of “the sky is falling scenarios” each Monday night when I would go over to my Mom’s for supper.
So I finally got smart and stopped talking to my father about real estate and only talked to people who were actually doing it… and making gobs of money doing it!
I was lucky and found a mentor who had made his fortune in real estate, mostly by buying, selling and holding apartment houses. He took me by the hand and showed me the right way and the wrong ways to invest.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t make mistakes. Oh yeah! I made plenty of those, mostly because I didn’t follow the advice of my mentor. And after I made them, I was too embarrassed to tell him about the mistakes so he could tell me how to fix them!

In Three Months I Had Three Houses –
Six Months, Nine Houses…
After I got over the fear of buying that first house, within the next three months I had three more. Within 6 months I had nine houses. And after that first twelve months I had eleven apartment houses and almost $10,000 a month in positive cash flow!
I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my father at the end of that first year. Out of the blue he says to me “You aren’t still thinking about buying real estate are you?”
Well, my throat got dry and I swallowed hard and with one deep breath I blurted out, “as a matter of fact Dad, I did buy a house and that worked out so well that I bought 10 more and now I make almost $10,000 a month just owning those houses and nothing bad has happened. As a matter of fact my life is a lot better!…”
His eyes got wide, his face went white and I thought he was going to have the big one right then and there!
Today, my father asks ME for financial advice!

To Make The Big Dough, You’ve Got
to be A Transaction Engineer
First of all, I don’t just buy apartment houses, I also buy and sell lots of single family houses, for a couple of reasons. The first is that when I started investing, I had no money. I actually used a cash advance on my credit cards for the down payment on my first apartment house.
This wasn’t my idea, I had gone to a seminar and the guru told us to go out and get as many credit cards as you can, get the ones with out the recurring fees and use them for your down payments. That’s what I did!
How the “Chunker Method” Made Me
Wealthy and Can Do the Same for You!
I did this for my first two houses and then I ran out of credit card money. So I decided to buy single family houses, flip them for a chunk of cash and use some of the money to live (pay my bills) and the other chunk to buy another apartment house (get wealthier). I call this my “Chunker Method”.
Though I s

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