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Author: Daniel Hall
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Real Fast Email Marketing
Email marketing is STILL #1!
And in this step by step course you’ll learn my exact method of email marketing that has created a fortune for me… we cover list building, email copy writing, formatting and everything in between…
Grab this course NOW to discover how to build a list fast and start it to profiting!

Real Fast Book v2.0
Digital publishing rocks!
And one of the best ways to create passive royalty income and generate new hot and devoted leads into your business is by publishing books and ebooks in your field.
And in this updated version of Real Fast Book we go from A to Z on how to get your book up and selling on Amazon’s Kindle and Createspace.
It also includes extensive training on how to build your author’s platform (so you get lots of raving fans to buy future books, products and services!)

Real Fast Info Product
OK folks… Of all my ventures and enterprises creating and selling info products is the core income generator in my business.
And this is my exact, easy-to-follow system that you can follow starting NOW!
It reveals how to research a market, create an info product and get your buy button out and working for you in the marketplace! And do it again and again… want proof? Look at all the “Real Fast” products working on this page!
So much goodness, so little investment – ACT NOW!

Real Fast Audio Book
Audio books are a great market because there is huge demand, high royalties and 95% of authors never turn their book into an audio book.
And now you can get the step-by-step training that will reveal how to get your book turned into an audiobook and mostly importantly get your audiobooks up in the only marketplaces that matter: Audible, iTunes and Amazon!

Real Fast DVD’s
Want to add something of huge value to your products but yet have it be easy to create? Using only Powerpoint and some recording software you can create incredibly high value DVD’s that will add real value to your products.

Real Fast CD’s
Sometimes the simplest additions to a product can provide huge value to your customers. Using only some free software (Audacity), a microphone and a fulfillment system you can create high quality sound recordings and turn them into full blown courses that your clients will love.

Real Fast Book Marketing
Co-created with book marketing legend John Kremer, Real Fast Book Marketing are methods both on and offline that have 4 criteria.
– A beginner can do them.
– Cost little to no money.
– Must be able to start and finish within 2 weeks.
– Get 100-200 copies of your book sold for each one.

Real Fast Webinars
The bread and butter of my business.
This course is where Tom Antion and myself share our guarded webinar secrets that are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly revenue.
You’ll discover how to structure, build and close on a webinar to consistently generate HUGE sales for your products.
If you are selling anything (and I mean anything) online… you’d well to learn this proven webinar model.

Real Fast Derivative Products
Public domain is powerful but combine it with your own unique input and you get something truly unique and worth selling.
This is called a derivative product and Tony Laidig and I will show you how to create your very own derivative products combining the best of the best that public domain has to offer.
We then go on to show you how to create and sell your new creation in marketplaces such as Amazon with Print on Demand books and even Kindle (Yes, you can publish public domain material to Kindle if you follow the rules – you’ll see how in this one-of-a-kind training).

Real Fast Info Graphics
Step-by-Step training on using social graphics that grab people’s attention and get shared like crazy on sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Real Fast Fixed Term Memberships
People love to sell the idea of membership sites but what’s often not mentioned is that it’s really hard to keep people on indefinitely but it’s not nearly as difficult to keep people on a fixed term membership site (for 3, 6 or even 9 months).
This training will show you how to actually create the content, set up the training and actually get people onto your fixed term membership site.

Real Fast Influence And Persuasion
What’s the #1 skill needed to make BIG MONEY? Ask any BIG MONEY “GURU” and you’ll get the same answer: the ability to influence and persuade others ethically, efficiently, and effectively.
Are you frustrated by low conversion rates on your webinars and landing pages? With Real Fast Influence and Persuasion, discover your “inner influencer” and gain dozens of tools to add to your “Persuasion Toolbox.”
In this information packed, immediately actionable course, I team up with persuasion expert Dr. Lawrence J. Clark to help you gain the “secret sauce” to make more sales, create happier customers, and enjoy a better life.