Dana Robinson- Setting Up Your Small Business as a Legal Entity

So you’ve decided you want to set up your own small business; you’re probably wondering: Should I incorporate? If so, how do I file? And what are the costs for forming a corporate entity? Learn the answers to these questions and more, in this course with attorney and entrepreneur Dana Robinson. He covers the basics of incorporation, explaining the differences between a corporation and an LLC, helping you decide if a sole proprietorship is right for your situation, and providing advice on choosing and forming a corporate entity. Along the way, he explains how to establish bylaws, set up a tax ID for the IRS, and navigate state and local laws, in order to get your business off to a great start.

Topics include:
What is a sole proprietorship?
Understanding corporate entities
Exploring corporations and LLCs
Choosing a corporate entity
Creating an operating agreement
Exploring incorporating examples
Establishing an IRS tax ID

1. Incorporation Background and Overview
Deciding between sole proprietorship and corporate entity
Understanding corporate entities
Applying to your situation
2. Types of Corporate Entities
Understanding the LLC
Understanding the corporation
Understanding the close corporation
Other types of entities
3. Creating a Corporate Entity
Choosing a corporate entity
Forming a corporate entity
Choosing a name
Incorporating example
4. After You’ve Created a Corporate Entity
Establishing bylaws
Creating an operating agreement
Establishing an IRS tax ID
Choosing the S election
Understanding state and local taxes

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