White Hat Black Belt SEO Course

We fought off the Panda… We fought off the Penguin… Seriously. We’ve been working for more than a year, and every Google update means we have to go over each piece of what we teach to check for possible changes. But after a year of work, and a bunch of false alarms:
White Hat Black Belt is a video-based training program, that’s also designed to be accessible. That means every training video includes:

The video – of course
A full PDF transcript that you can download and print
Full audio recording
Q&A discussion for each module in our members’ site

So what’s included? Here’s the full course outline:
Module 1: Foundations of White Hat SEO
“SEO in 10 Minutes” – a presentation you can steal for your client pitches
The Pros and Cons of  SEO – even success comes with risk
Danger Zone: Spamming the Search Engines
Danger Zone: Risky Business Models
The Way of the White Hat – how to get the job done without spamming

Module 2: How Search Engines Work
Meet the Players & Exploring SERPs
Search Engine Tech: Discovery & Indexing
Search Engine Tech: Ranking & Retrieval
Spam Detection & Search Quality
Ranking Factors: The “Ranking Triangle”
Ranking Factors: Other Factors
Future-Proofing and Hypotheticals

Module 3: Keyword Strategy
Keyword Strategy Concepts & Terminology
Keyword Research & Discovery Methods
Keywords & Content Strategy
Competitive Research Techniques
Keyword Tools & Mythical Metrics
Serialization – the strategy everyone must understand

Module 4: On Page SEO
A Gentle Introduction to HTML
The HEAD Section & Optimizing SERP display
Managing HTML Code & Code Structure
BODY Copy “Rules” – avoiding overoptimization
Topic Bridging & Developing Unique Content
Writing For Users

Module 5: Site Structure
Site Structure Concepts
Designing For Crawlability
Anchor Text & Reputation
Using & Managing Redirects
Canonicalization & Duplicate Content

Module 6: Link Building & Promotion
Link Building Concepts
Researching Linking Opportunities
Vertical Marketing & Directories
Linking as Marketing, Marketing as Linking
Technical Linking, Link Recovery, and Redirection
Social Media Mojo – For the Win

Module 7: Improving Results
Planning & Executing Marketing Campaigns
Using Google’s Analytics & Webmaster Tools
Penalties, Algorithm Shifts, and Reconsideration
Zone-Based SEO Strategy – audience first, keywords second
Site Launch Checklist
Site & Domain Move Checklist
What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Module 8: Going Further in SEO
Becoming an SEO Professional
Are You Really Ready for Client Work?
Blogs We Read & People We (mostly) Trust
Tools We Use & Why
Building a Team
Creating a Support System

Name Product: Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde – White Hat Black Belt SEO Course
Market price: $297
Author: Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde
Size: 830 MB

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