Marketing has delivered a prospect to you—so now what? Dan S. Kennedy gives you the answer for how to address tipping points that allow buyers to buy, rather than to be sold to and gives you the roll-up-your sleeves work that makes better use of the leads you worked so hard to get.

The problem with too many businesses and entrepreneurs is that they are great at marketing but NOT at closing the sale. Dramatically increase your sales and maximize the return on your marketing dollars as one of the highest paid and most-in-demand sales consultants, Dan Kennedy, reveals his closely guarded secrets to closing more sales with less hassle. Not a bunch of rehashed tactics and closing techniques, Dan takes a much broader approach and gives you the “missing link” to generating more cash from your existing business


Ultra-Advanced Sales & Persuasion Strategies

Gain an unfair advantage over your competition when you dump old-fashioned sales techniques your prospects have grown increasingly immune to and trade them in for Dan’s approach that gives you a sales system so exceptional that it’ll produce solid “McDonald’s reliable” results even with mediocre sales people.

Why People Are Afraid To Buy and How to Overcome these Objections

Get the gold key of all gold keys as Dan reveals the two statements you need to understand and the mind shift you MUST make in order to experience remarkable results in selling.

Sales Design Choreography

Eliminate the “false moves” you unintentionally are making that destroy all the work you put into your marketing campaign by implementing this well-designed and choreographed process that results in a much higher closing ratio. Includes the 3 big elements of Sales Design, real case studies, and more.

How to Create Seamless Integration Between Your Marketing and Your Sales Process

Learn what you need to understand about selling, what you must NEVER underestimate and how to change the selling environment so you can remove your prospects’ fears before you even start the sales process.

The 4 Elements of “Threshold Resistance”

Learn how to prepare for Sales Resistance so you can improve your sales process and close more sales.

Dan’s Ultra-Advanced Sales & Persuasion Recorded Presentation

Reset your sales conversation and discover the relevant and potent phrases that convert more prospects to buyers through the Ultra-Advanced Sales and Persuasion Seminar delivered on 1 DVD for those who prefer video and 2 audio CD’s for listening in your car, a Transcription Manual for following along and taking notes and a vocabulary workbook manual.

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