Dan Kennedy - Sales Mastery Unleashed

“Sales Mastery UNLEASHED The No B.S. System For Closing Sales Like Crazy”
A Powerful and Profitable System For Closing More Sales And Making
More Money Without Spending Another Dime On Marketing…
Even If You Think You Hate Selling or Aren’t Good At It

Yes! I want to master the #1 skill to put more money in my pocket. Send me your time tested and proven No B.S. Secret SYSTEM for Closing More Sales in ANY One on One Sales Situation.

Here is what will be included in my order today for “Sales Mastery UNLEASHED The No B.S. System For Closing Sales Like Crazy”:

4 DVDs, 4 CDs, and an Easy-to-Follow Printed Manual of Dan’s, Nick’s, and Dave’s ENTIRE Presentation… Plus this Manual contains Proven, Ready To Use Sales Scripts For Overcoming Objections, Upselling Strategies, Tons of Examples, and Much More! (Just These Scripts Alone Are Worth The Price Of The Entire System.)

And That’s Not All – I’ll Also Receive Two Fast Action Bonuses:

FAST ACTION Bonus #1 (worth $597) We’ve Officially Unlocked “Dan Kennedy’s Vault” And Are Re-Releasing One Of His Little Know Classic Sales Courses Called “19 Secrets Of Exceptional Selling.” It consists of 3 CDs where Dan reveals more of his Insiders Sales Secrets. This Course Delves Deeper Into Dan’s Very Different Approach To Selling That Preempts Objections, Eliminates Price Resistance, Creates Consultative Positioning, And Utilizes ‘Takeaway Selling’. And The Best Part Is You’ll Discover Why And How To Use Proven Selling Formulas That’ll Accelerate Your Success…And Put More Money In Your Pocket.

FAST ACTION Bonus #2 (worth $497)
By Investing TODAY, I’ll Get Access To A One-Time Only LIVE ADVANCED Bonus Call With GKIC’s Director of Sales Nick Loise & Dave Dee… During This Live Training Call Nick and Dave Will Reveal How To Condition Your Mind For Maximum Sales Success…The Secret System For Eliminating Buyer’s Remorse…And So Much More Besides.

I Know That Dan’s “19 Secrets Of Exceptional Selling” System and the “No-Holds Barred” LIVE ADVANCED Bonus Training Call with Nick and Dave Is Just For “Action Takers” Who Claim Their Copy Of Sales Mastery Unleashed Right Now During This Livecast…

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