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You see, the biggest “a-ha” moment you should be getting from this message is that there is only a TINY percentage of prospects that have REAL value to you.
Think of it as a pyramid.The base of the pyramid consists of mostly “low hanging fruit” that have absolutely NO value to you.And the tip of the pyramid…only 1%…actually have the money to spend money with you–without them asking themselves: “Can I Afford It”.
Best part: These Elite 1% are motivated and immediately see the benefits your products can give them.In other words, they “get it”.
They’re ambitious and are willing to invest in themselves to improve their lot in life.They’re not in it for “quick-fix” solution.
As a result:
They’ll BUY from you again and again.Since they used your last product and got results (after all, they DO take action) they’ll gleefully purchase your subsequent products. In other words, your lifetime customer value will skyrocket.
They’ll be better customers who’ll treat you better and are pleasant to hang around. You “get them” and they “get you”…after all, you’re ambitious yourself (otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far). Therefore your business life will have less headaches and stress.
You’ll have LESS customers…making it easier to run your business so you’re not beholden by it. Now I know having less customers sounds like a BAD thing, but it’s better to have 1000 paying customers than 1 million “looky-loos”.That means you can sell less and make MORE…meaning less hassle, less customer support issues…and MORE time off for you!
They’ll recommend you to their family and friends.The best form of advertising is via word of mouth.Since these elite customers are ambitious, they probably have ambitious friends. And they’ll talk about you…brag about you…and you’ll be able to attract even MORE of these ideal customers!
Believe me, this will allow you to achieve more certainty and sustainability in your business.Since these elite customers will keep buying from you…you’ll have consistent, repeatable income…
…not just short, unpredictable “spurts” of income.
As a result, you’ll achieve more POWER in your niche. You’ll be able to outspend, out-maneuver, and outsell ANYBODY in your field.
“Moving Money Up The Pyramid” is the single most important strategy I’ve taught my high-dollar clients—who recently surpassed a collective 1 BILLION Dollars in income thanks to my tutelage.
I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do to implement this blueprint in your business so you can start filtering out the true “customers” who are going to be the most VALUABLE to you…
…and not just take up space in your email autoresponder…or your customer and prospect database.
This 3-hour presentation was taken from the 2011 Info-SUMMITSM
…where attendees paid $2000 to attend. No stone was left unturned…and no door was left unopened as I shared the “nuts and bolts” of this System you could be implementing right away.
You’ll get the DVDs, audios, transcripts, and presentation slides so you can review what you missed.It’s like you were actually there!

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