Dan Kennedy – Info Summit 2016
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Find Your Edge at Info-Summit ’16
November 3-5 | San Antonio, Texas
Bonus Day Nov. 6
Once You Jump, There’s No Going Back

Most aren’t willing to step off the edge of their little entrepreneurial world. Which is why most never capture lighting in a bottle.
Most never get to experience the weak-kneed tingle brought on by a breakthrough that increases response rates by 22% (with that little headline twist you crafted). Or how combining two seemingly unrelated services into one offering doubles profit margin (and you had them both all along). Or the sheer joy of watching your new bonus offer (the one you created in a frenzy of frantic notes at 3 a.m.) sell more subscriptions in a month than ever before. Yes, that’s how a breakthrough can feel. But, why don’t most experience it?
Because breakthroughs don’t happen in a vacuum.
They aren’t found on a dusty bookshelf of your home office.
Or at four minutes, thirty-two seconds into your favorite podcast.
Breakthroughs (the kind that overfill wheelbarrows with cash) happen when you connect at the edge.
It’s there you bring your one-of-a-kind uniqueness and connect with something (or someone) new, unexpected, disruptive.
And once that happens, you won’t look back.
Which is why the GKIC Info-SUMMIT is your ticket to the edge.

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