Dan Kennedy- 19 SECRETS of Exceptional Results In Selling

More than a decade ago, Marketing Guru and Millionaire Maker, Dan Kennedy, gave a presentation that ‘spilled the beans’ on the most powerful selling principles known to man.
That presentation was later transferred to CDs and transcribed into a blueprint for methodically increasing sales income while simultaneously making the whole process of selling pleasant for everyone involved.
Keep in mind that this was the foundation, the core, the engine if you will, that drove all of Dan’s marketing success…after all…
…Marketing must sell and persuade in order to succeed!
If it doesn’t do that…it is worthless. People all too easily forget that great copywriting is about great salesmanship in print.

Anyway, the ideas were radical to say the least and anyone that got their hands on them and applied them soon needed a bigger wallet and multiple bank accounts.
So, how come you never heard of this product?
Well, I wish I could tell you something sexy like “Dan’s techniques psychologically grabbed your customers and clients by the throat and forced them to hand over their money…ultimately resulting in government intervention rendering Dan’s techniques too powerful to be unleashed on the public.”
Quite the contrary. I already told you that Dan’s principles remove the tough and agonizing parts of the selling process so that customers and clients actually look forward to doing business with you.

So, the simple reality is…
…The manuscript was lost!
Lost and forgotten as Dan continued his prolific product creation….churning out book after book, manual after manual, recording after recording… at breakneck speeds.
Fast forward to the present.
Dan is still on his ‘A’ game, but one thing has changed – I took over running Dan’s newsletter and Insider’s Circle business and with it, inherited a truckload of boxes from Dan’s office.

Nobody ever suspected that hidden in those boxes, amongst all of the old subscriber files, was the lost manuscript and audios of the original presentation.
Like the fabled Phoenix rising from the ashes,
Dan’s JUMBO Results Selling
“19 Secrets of Exceptional Results In Selling” resurfaces!
What does this mean for you?
It means you have an unprecedented opportunity to discover the ‘income exploding’ and ‘money making’ secrets contained in that presentation for yourself.

Secrets like:
How to replace cold prospecting with only doing business with prospects that are pre-qualified and predisposed to doing business with you!
Accelerating the pace of failing to get to success faster
Unleashing the power of ‘laser-beam’ focus using a simple 3-step process so your mind is always on the selling task at hand…this one secret alone can double and even triple your sales effectiveness
Obtaining unprecedented sales success through negative planning….and why Pollyanna positive thinking will limit your income
The crucial distinction between rejection and refusal and how it can make selling agonizingly painful or a walk in the park
Why these simple fundamental selling skills are all you ever need for generating all the sales you’ll ever want
The right way to position yourself as a respected expert and a trusted advisor…so prospects treat you like a welcome guest
How these selling principles integrate into your advertising and marketing matrix
How mastering these skills will transform you into a better copywriter
The most powerful selling weapon in your arsenal
The truth about Business to Business selling
Dan’s personal, pre-selling preparation routine…every time he does it, he makes more sales!!
How to sell in a virtually zero-resistance selling environment
Why you don’t need emotional super beings to build a sales force around…this simple shift will allow just about anybody to sell better and lose their fear of rejection
How to deploy takeaway selling…the most underutilized selling tool
The E-Factors that influence your selling success…how to use as many of them, as frequently as possible to breakthrough sales barriers
The absolute fastest way someone in sales can improve their income
How to diagnose and solve your selling problems
The three letter word that is the #1 reason for failure in selling
How to position yourself against your competition so you can dominate your marketplace
The only close you’ll ever need…You’ve undoubtedly seen books that have 10 closes, 101 closes and even one that has 1001….But you only need one that works and this is IT!
A prepared MILLION DOLLAR SALES PRESENTATION that will give you ‘mustard on your sword’ confidence that you can rely on to bring in sale after sale
And much…much…much more!

As you can see this is a very impressive manuscript, but I must warn you about a few things. It was written quite a while back, so there will be some references that no longer apply. The good news: the references are to materials that have been updated and contain even more information than the originals (like the No BS Books).
Also, all of the content is just as relevant and just as powerful today as it was the day it was presented. Sales techniques may come and go but selling principles are constant.
And the final warning for those who feel they must prove the value of something by the pain and agony they must endure to obtain it…

Not all extremely powerful sales skills take time and tremendous effort to acquire.
You can improve your sales results with this material in as little as
an hour and 27 minutes! (Less than that if you read faster than I do)

As I said earlier, these are principles that you’ll be able to implement by the time you put the manuscript down, and at the very next opportunity you’ll be selling your product or service.
Jumbo Results Selling
If you’re ready to let go of the enormous amounts of refusal, frustration, pain, agony, endless grunt-work and long spurts without success…you need to pay close attention:
Any one of these secrets could change your life and bank account forever. And quite frankly we could probably sell each one for $100.00 (and even more when you consider the impact to your bottom line). So, at the very least this information is worth $1900.00
To celebrate the return of this previously lost information, we are now able to offer a limited number of the Manuscript AND Audio CDs for only $297. Furthermore, you’re protected by a full 60 day 100% money-back GUARANTEE. So take your time, listen to the CDs, read the manuscripts and then if and only if you decide this information isn’t totally invaluable to your income you can send it back for a prompt refund. You be the sole judge and jury!

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