Name Product: Damon Greene & Michael Harris – Affiliate Email Mastery + OTOs
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Author: Damon Greene and Michael Harris
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Top Affiliate Marketers, Then You Are On
The Right Page!!!

You Have Before You The EXACT Steps That
Successful Affiliate And Email Marketers Use To
Bank TOP DOLLAR With Each And
Every Product Promotion…

Meet The Creators of Affiliate Email Mastery
Damon Greene and Michael Harris have been helping clients achieve their goals with internet marketing for the past 5 years.
In Affiliate Email Mastery, they have developed a proven system to get your subscribers to click on your affiliate links and BUY.

If you have any kind of experience in this industry, then you should already know that traffic is the name of the game.
But of course not just any traffic.
I’m talking about traffic that knows, likes and trusts you and although there are many avenues to take to drive TONS of this kind of traffic, there is one in particular that we all need to master.

Email Marketing
Here’s a quick scenario for you. . .
You were first told that affiliate marketing through email is the way to go to make the BIG bucks online and with this in mind, you start putting all of your effort into building your list of subscribers.
You build up a nice, sized list and now, you’re ready to start bringing in a profit from your email marketing.
You stumble across an awesome product that you think will convert very well with your list, so you get your affiliate links, send out an email and BOOM!
Now, you’re in business and this is where the money starts to roll in right?
At least, that’s what you’d expect but there’s one, MAJOR problem…
You decide to log into your autoresponder dashboard and look at the stats of the promotional email you just sent out. . .

Very little to no opens were recorded. . .
Very little to no clicks were recorded. . .

And the most, heart-breaking of all. . .
You decide to log into your affiliate commissions dashboard and couldn’t help but notice that. . .
Very Little To NO SALES Were Made!!!
What a bummer.
All of your hardwork and effort has gone right down the drain.
Can you relate?   It’s unfortunate that you’ve gone through THIS, much effort up to this point and now, you can’t even put the cherry on top of it all.
Believe me when I say that you’re not alone and sadly enough, this is the obstacle that the majority of marketers face.
Take a look around. . .
We all have lists and we promote products to our lists in order to make an affiliate commission.
Point I’m trying to make is that we ALL are doing the same things but in this industry, it’s not what is being
done. . it’s how and in case you haven’t noticed. . .
98% of Marketers Are Doing It

Sure, you may have a couple marketers here and there who manage to pull ahead of the rest of the pack but that’s because they chose to differentiate themselves and not follow the herd.
Glad you’ve stuck with me because this is where I come into play to help you with my course Affiliate Email Mastery and now, allow me to elaborate on what’s inside.
How to get your subscribers excited to actually click on your email links and BUY whatever you’re promoting.
How to create high-converting emails that are PROVEN to get your subscribers to take action.
How to properly pre sell any offer to get your audience HUNGRY and on the edge of their seats for its launch.
How to create your email campaign based on the sales letter to AMPLIFY your sales and commissions.
And much, much more!!

Name Product: Damon Greene & Michael Harris – Affiliate Email Mastery + OTOs
Market price: $17
Author: Damon Greene and Michael Harris
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